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New Website Launched: Entropia Revival

Discussion in 'General Media Discussion' started by Faucon, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Good day everyone,

    I am an Entropia member from many moons that recently started playing again.

    In the days of old (about two years ago?) When I played more regularly, the community of Entropia was much more close-knit than it is today. This was the reason I loved the game so much; it was enjoyable for me to get on Entropia and see familiar faces, hanging around familiar areas. I loved getting online and greeting new players or going to radio parties.

    Although a lot of that still happens, I don't feel the same kind of union that was there once.
    So, I have started a new website called Entropia Revival. I will be posting a series of blogs centered around various critiques of the current "State of the Universe" and what I feel needs to be done.

    The purpose of this website is to bring back a more "community" feel to Entropia and ultimately drive more traffic into the Universe.

    My new website can be found here. I hope to see like-minded individuals joining me in working towards a better future in Entropia. It might just be a game, but its our game. We should get as much out of it as possible.

    Catch you guys on world! Message me here or on world if you want to get in touch :)