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Suggestion New vehicle / Mission / Competition

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by Tony Pendragon, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Tony Pendragon

    Tony Pendragon Member

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    Ive been hearing about some ideas that have been thrown around the forum and combined a few togeather for this one.

    Achiologists have located what they believe is the remains of an ancient vehicle.
    Drawings and carvings in the general area suggest that the ancients had a vehicle repair facility in the area.

    The vehicle structure is incomplete and requires further parts to be restored.

    IFN needs you to locate vehicle parts to be able to restore the vehicle.
    Once the vehicle is restored the IFN engineering team will be able to reverse engineer the vehicle and create blueprint schematics for further production.

    IFN believes that the parts are spread across the planet so further exploration will be required.

    The competition - Locate and Assemble

    A vehicle frame is now located near the archilogical center in Celeste Harbour.
    To complete the vechile to working order we need you to find the spare parts.

    The parts will be dropped as loot from creatures so be on the look out for any new loot.

    If you get a new part you need to drop that part onto the vehicle structure to help restore it.
    Once you have added the part to the vehicle structure(or give to Cyrus) you will revieve ??????? and also be in to win an unlimited version of the vehicle once it is restored and reverse engineered.

    The Mission - The missing engineer

    Our lead engineer has dissapeared while investigating the diagrams of the new vehicle.
    He was last seen at ??????.

    Please find him, withour him we will not be able to reverse enginer the ancient tech.

    Prize - An unlimited version of teh vehicle for the first person to complete the mission and then ???? for everyone after.

    A basic vehicle parts blue print can be obtained from the technition terminal.
    Blueprints for the ancient vehicle will drop as loot from crafting.

    That is probably long winded but I has a whole story in my head and had to get it out ;)

    Hope you like it.
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  2. David | Arkadia

    David | Arkadia Administrator Staff Member PAF Administrator Planet Arkadia Official

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    I like the idea Tony +rep, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    The first vehicle due will be an IFN Hoverpod, but I'm sure Arkadian vehicles will follow once Treasure Hunting is released and an event like you suggest is exactly the kind of thing we are looking to do. It takes extra work to introduce a vehicle this way due to the mission/event writing and extra modelling, but I agree with you that it makes for good gameplay.

  3. Tony Pendragon

    Tony Pendragon Member

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    Thanks Dave,

    I cant wait for the Hoverpod :)

    Most players dont mind waiting a bit longer if they get a great result.
    I know most players are pretty dissapointed in the other planets when they release new vehicles and stuff because they usually just put a different skin on the same old stuff :(

    And thats where Ark is so cool, there is very little of the same thing, so that just goes to show how much imagination the A-Team have.

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