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new(old) UI suggestion

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Jenny ferr, May 1, 2014.

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    Keep in mind this is my
    Personal Wishes

    Chat Notifications
    Auction Main Chat.png
    As you see in the main chat there is still the old notifications we are used to that worked great, and when clicking on it that little window pops up with all info you really need, and all that text should you be able to copy(ctrl+c) to your own spreadsheet.
    Hit Accept if you're done with it, if you still want to see it next time you login click the little X in the top corner.

    Options - GRAPHICS
    Options GRAPHICS.png
    Only real change I done here is add the option of "Fullscreen Window Mode" which I asked MindArk about in the past

    Options - HUD
    Options HUD.png
    And here I added the option to turn off the HOF ticker completely, as we have the option to set it high why not off?
    And as you see in the chat I just got some Profession Increase too...

    Ped Flow Center
    Ped Flow Center.png
    Re-organized the menu by alphabetical order, and added under playershop income separate for each shop you might have so it will be easy to see where you need to restock or keep track of the earnings and if you want to view all together you can too.
    And no more pages to click through, each month have a separate page that you scroll down instead of having lots of different pages by no specific order
    Then under a specific location you get the usual info with added hotlinks to the item that sold which brings up a little window with a lot more info* which also should be possible to copy(ctrl+c) to your own spreadsheet.

    *Same window that pops up when you click the shop sale notification you get in chat when something sells.

    Player Register
    Player Register.png
    Nothing really revolutionary here, just that the design match the others and the names is linked to the biography windows(see more under Contacts).
    In chat you see the playershop sale notification. And also that main chat is default on Society chat and still trade chat visible but turned off main.

    Shop Main & Achievements.png
    Same as Player Register really, only changed the design to be inline with the rest.

    Skill Main & Mentoring.png
    Mentoring also use the links to get more info in another window which might be good to have as a mentor.

    Trade Main & Friendslist.png
    Contacts list slimmed down a lot but still you can sort it with those buttons at the top, and use Colors to show the status of people:
    Green = Online
    Orange = Away
    Red = Offline (but since I only have Nearby checked I don't have any offline people in my list at the moment)

    Double click a name and the Private Message** window appears as it used to do, click that maximize icon to the right and the additional info opens up like you see.
    When clicking on Biography another little window opens up with that info, and send offline message that works as usual a message window pops up that let you type that if the player is offline.

    In the Main chat you might see I got a info notification this time, and I also dragged it out to be a bit wider which you also can do with the Contact list if you like.
    And as you might see I also removed all tabs except Society and SocietySeniors, but I still have Trade chat activated and opened the globals channel too

    **Private Message window will appear separate, and if kept separate the default chat when pressing enter will be main chat, so you need to manually select the Private Message in this case or add it to main chat as a tab then you can use the Private Message as default just like any other tab.


    Also I would love to see more options then only Desktop Icons and Dashboard to customize what you will have on your screen:

    Dashboard 1 (currently what we have)
    Radar, Chat and Message Center* symbols is hidden

    Dashboard 2 (please add this)
    Dashboard 2.png
    Chat would be hidden but radar still visible

    Dashboard 3 (please add this)
    Dashboard 3.png
    Chat still visible but radar would be hidden

    Desktop Icons 1 (currently what we have)
    Desktop Icons 1.png
    All icons get hidden, which is fine

    *No need to have these icons where they are so should be removed completely.


    Auction Main Chat incl Message Center.png
    Message center will still be available just as it was in the past, but through the action library or regular right-click menu, did a quick one in this old post if you want to look at that, a few changes to that too though:
    1. Item for sale/sold linked and it will bring up the usual little window you get with the notification.
    2. instead of having "Monday 19:17" it should be full date "2014-03-17 19:17:56"
    3. MESSAGE CENTER centralized

    So after all that, hope I didn't miss anything and the design of all the windows is following the clean and to the point design of the crafting, mentoring, scoreboard, account info, avatar name, communicator and event list designs.
    Auction and Support is not exactly the same but works with the rest.
    Mission Log should be changed to follow the black coloring like all the rest I listed above the design is still good but why change the color??

    All the little popup info windows should you be able to copy text from just as main chat.

    Again all this is my own
    Personal Wishes