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New Melee types of moves

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by mastermesh, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. mastermesh

    mastermesh Active Member

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    I realize literary liberties are being taken in the backstory, but it would be nice if some maneuvers like this were actually possible in actual gameplay.

    Use long range weapon as a blunt object in close range hand to hand combat
    The way that that could be implemented is making the TT value of the pistol, rifle, etc. actually decay instead of take ammo out once enemies get within a certain close range. Most long range weapon users won't like this idea, but it could open up the ability to create new lines of weapons that use both long range and melee skills at the same time, or more aptly, use long range til the enemy is within a certain range, and then start giving melee skills, etc. Think about laser swords that might actually shoot lasers, and then stop shooting once the enemy is right on top of you and then it starts working like a sword. Right now on Calypso, many melee folks use guns to tag mobs. This would more or less take on that functionality but without requiring switching weapons, and would apply all the damage/decay/ammo use to one weapon instead of multiple weapons, making life a bit easier at the repair terminals.

    It also might be neat if you can do this butt type of manuever with other things that are not normally weapons, like furniture. Cage match where chairs are being used comes to mind, lol. Since furniture and just about any item in game has a TT value, it would probably not be too hard to simply give all items, or at least most, some sort of damage rating and make them equippable. Of course, they won't do as much damage as their real alternatives. A statue being used to smash someone's head won't do the same level of damage as a knife, etc., but it might add a new layer of fun in to the game play.

    To appease normal longrange weapon users, perhaps the option to use this gun as a close range melee weapon could be an option that could be turned on or off with a checkbox similar to the move to target option that already exists. That way they could choose to use the ammo up close instead of using the gun itself as a blunt object (might add to "Club" skills as it is blunt object used at close range, unless maybe it's something like a bayonet, in which case it'd be longblade/shortblade depending on the length of the knife attachment? Maybe even make the option appear by giving the option to not attach the attachment of the knife?)

    We definitely don't want weapons to actually be knocked out of avatars' hands and thrown on the ground, but it might be interesting if certain combat moves made your equipped weapon become unequipped temporarily, which would then require you to either switch to a different weapon or be quick to reequip. This might even be a good way to introduce some forms of hand to hand combat without the use of weapons... would not be easy to actually kill stuff, maybe even do no damage at all, just a tactic to wrestle the opponents to make their weapons be unable to be used temporarily, and/or so you can hold them when your partner is attacking or some such thing... might make for interesting new game concepts like wrestling, etc.

    Lots of other ideas might be possible too. Watch some martial arts and spy movies for ideas.
  2. Telgard

    Telgard Member

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    Melee has to do something though..if not its only purpose looks to be Decaying the TT of an item to hell. LoL

    ~Chance to stunning or knocking down / back an opponent.
    ~Increase Decay for non-melee weapons
    ~Every reasonable item should be melee enable.
    ~Non-weapon items disappear or become scrap upon breaking
    ~The ability to attach melee gear to ranged weapons *Increases weight, Lowers TT Decay of weapon from Melee combat, Increase damage and damage types*

    ~Point Blank Shot Skill: If mob / opponent is within the minimal maneuverable firing distance of a weapon, decrease to hit ability, unless skilled in point blank shot skill. If you are not targeted by mob, decrease to hit ability does not apply. *For those non-melee ranged weapon fighters*

    Grappling (Mobs)
    ~Stuns mobs *Requires time to complete, Increases damage done to Player during attempt, Percent chance of failure*
    ~Disarms Player *Percent chance of occurring on success full hit by certain mobs*
    ~Stuns Player *Small percent chance of occurring on success, Increases damage by mobs to player (Increase chance to crit on player*

    Melee Events
    ~Zoning areas for PvP melee
    ~Disarming PvP
    ~Gear falls to the floor when disarming
    ~Random melee items spawn on floor
    ~Damage is reduced
    ~TT Decay is slowed
  3. M Rufen Power

    M Rufen Power Member

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    Very good ideas O_O. I think it was in Farscape was the first time I saw a laser rifle being used as a longblade by Dargo.
  4. calemus

    calemus Member

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    yeah seriously
    i dont know if any of u have been through boot camp in rl but we did learn to fight with the guns, not just fire them
    the skills learned DO advance over time, and yes it is possible to kill an opponent with a 1 move kill strike, not pulling the triger
    seeing this in game would be awesome
    i would MUCH rather be developing skills i have taught and used in RL insted of magic or the same
    "opps i just missed 7 times in a row, & it's only 1 foot in front of me"
    is that even possible?
    reality & it's implications animated into the game would make it MUCH more enjoyable
    with a gun, i can shoot out the hip, or both hips of any given creature, what happens? it's crippled
    thats pretty realistic no?
    swords, they dont use the same 6 moves over and over for all 3 million strikes in combat
    yes there are skilled extreme strikes, yes there are crippling strikes to immobilize

    i could go on about this for houres
  5. Cyborg Bill

    Cyborg Bill Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    To do this EU would become a glorified Xbox button masher game. The way they code things I am pretty sure 80% of the moves you try would fail simply to video lag to produce the annimations. Trust me when I say you DONT want MA programming specific strikes..you would lose out far far more then you do now.

    Yes it would be cool and neat to have more annimation and more moves but the complcations it would bring to a game that is designed to make EVERY button press a hindrence and cause mistakes to be made compared to all other gaming software and programming would make it slide even further down the swirly bowl.

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