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Suggestion New Enhancers

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by happy_hipster, Jan 21, 2022.

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    A long time ago I was musing about new enhancers for armor. I mean really, there are two, one to make it decay slower, and one to make it protect better. I am sure with the mass of imagination and talent in this game, they could come up with more. I mean, they have five for guns, right? I would like to compile a list of ideas for additional enhancers here. Please post your ideas, and links to other related posts from other forums.

    New Armor Enhancers
    Camouflage: Decreases the chance of aggro on mobs. Especially useful in mining.
    Fire Shield: Would return a portion of damage to the attacker
    Speed: Pretty self explanitory​
    Strength: Increase carrying capacity
    Tier: Increase item TIR

    Mining Enhancers
    Rare resource: Increase chance of finding rare resources
    Item: Increase chance of finding special item
    Finder Economy: Decrease finder decay
    Amp Economy: Decrease amp decay
    Tier: Increase item TIR
    Thrift: Reduces probe usage

    This is a good start, I will add more, hopefully, in time