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Suggestion Needed Changes For Warning Messages & Item TT & Condition Systems

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by - JJ -, Apr 4, 2019.

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    Needed Changes For Warning Messages & Item TT & Condition Systems

    Hi guys [​IMG]

    the purpose of this post is to reach out to mind arks development team to improve upon the current systems in place and hopefully consider making these changes as i feel they are inadequate and misleading and may confuse some players

    in this post il explain what happened to me in my case, how support handled it, and my possible solutions to try n ensure information is not misleading, and adequate systems are in place to protect players from making costly mistakes in the future

    so what happened with me was i was going thru my storage to sell items i no longer wanted or hardly used 1 of which being this car which is included with the gold package and as u can see it clearly says the item cannot be sold or traded


    what i now suspect this means is that u cannot sell or trade to other players, however the trade terminal will accept it and not give u the tt value, to be fair yes a warning msg did come up but i didnt see it as unfortunately for me i stupidly had the cursor over the ok button as my nephew jumped up onto the sofa next to me causing me to click lol. i did contact support explaining exactly what happened but to my frustration the only way i would get this item back would be to pay the tt of the car=17ped and an additional 1000ped admin fee

    so today i tested with another item this pet brush which u can tell is also a non tradeable item


    wait.. this item was not accepted by the trade terminal...so why did it accept the car?? lol and not only that it tells me the item has a trade terminal value 3ped

    so u can see why some would get confused and feel misled as the purpose of a trade terminal is to trade, and trade terminal value means the item has value to the trade terminal, thus when trading to it, players should get the mentioned trade terminal value right? lol

    so several hrs spent coming up with possible solutions & getting and learning how to use photoshop
    i finally came up with this [​IMG]


    alot better yes? [​IMG] this way it correctly reflects the true tt value which is 0 but also shows the items condition in % and condition graphic bar, it also has a better warning msg preventing u from clicking either option till the confirmation timer has run out, this i think could be expanded to other important warning messages such as lootable pvp for example, so the players cannot just simply click off it accidentally or otherwise lol

    and perhaps as an extra added layer of protection perhaps a pin could be required particularly with transactions and storage to protect storage items should an account become compromised and from err drunken mis trades as im sure some of u have done like some of the friends i know lol [​IMG]

    i will also be submitting a support case shortly linking this post

    i hope u all enjoyed reading and would like to know what do u guys think, do u like what i came up with and think it should be like this? or perhaps some of u have better ideas?

    anyways as usual have fun guys n gals

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    To add new popup worded as u indicated will add another 1k to admin fee...