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Need Space Folder:XXXII Dropship Hunt

Discussion in 'PvP' started by happy_hipster, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. happy_hipster

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    [31256, 9506, 122] Dropship Hunt: Visit Howling Mine. Get gunner skills on Dropship. FREE Slow or30ped/Warp. Accept Tips and Gold. FR and PM to TEAM.

    First of all, if you do do a Privateer space hunt and cannot afford two warps, expect to spend alot of time in space doing nothing. ALOT

    That being said, we had an AWESOME time, and the hunt went very well. The XXXII is not really a skilling ship for repair, but we did manage to get two people to join just for that purpose. After an hour going slow to howling mine from Ark, we found the dropship, a very low density spawn, and hunted for about two hours with only one lonely global.

    [Globals]: Team "entropiad.webs.com DROPSHIP" killed a creature (Dropship Annihilator) with a value of 58 PED!

    Even with the lack of globals and hofs, the loot was good. Lots of one of this and two of that, but the value of the items were high, so I pretty much broke even. Some of us made it out a little ahead, and some a little behind. Par for the course, except spacemobs are supposed to loot bad. This time they really didn't.

    The repair and pilots skills left something to be desired if that was a goal, but the gunner skills were very good. I went up a full level in gunner, and a few other shooters noticed the gains. Not much use for gunner, Spacecraft systems at level 5 and DEEP SPACE KNOWLEDGE at 45, but still, useful if you ever plan on shooting back at those boasting, thieving pirates.

    We had three pilots and three gunners with a dedicated repair that we really didn't need for dropship. The damage was low enough to allow for repair between mobs, but it was nice to have someone down in the bowels of the ship. Its a pain to have to get out of a seat, run down to repair, repair, and then run back up to find the seat again.

    A spacehunt really only needs 3 people, a pilot, a gunner and a repair, but with 4 or more It is more fun. A pilot, gunners, and a single repair is the most efficient crew. It helps if there is more then one pilot so everyone gets a chance to shoot.

    Thanks for reading, hope it helps,

    (this is the Varyag, not the XXXII, but still a nice shot of the dropship.)

  2. krazykat

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    Its a pity that there are no mobs in space that would justify the full firepower of a privateer to say nothing of a MS. I've hunted high level horrors solo when I had my own privateer and soc mates and myself have hunted dropships with just pilot and gunner. I had no problems solo though it was a pain jumping out of pilot seat and into gunner seat then maybe back to pilot seat because the mob was too far away to loot :) Got good skills though.
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