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Natural Stone Textures

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Jenny ferr, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Jenny ferr

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    Brukite Textures
    2000% (buy all 1500%)

    Nissit Textures
    500% (buy all 350%)

    Kaldon Textures
    600% (buy all 400%)

    Sopur Textures
    550% (buy all 400%)

    All textures are made by myself with stones I picked on my own, and I'm in no rush to sell so if you don't like the price don't buy...

    amounts may increase as I still have some stones to click...

    PS: no longer available to find stuff while driving at full speed(since vu.11.5.0), therefor I put up the prices as the availability will most likely decrease a lot because of this


    Crafting service:
    You supply all the stones* and extractors needed for your textures and I'll click it and guarantee** you get at least 50% textures back.
    I'll reserve the right to keep 1texture/10 extra textures above 50% success to cover my own possible losses.
    I will only use my own blueprints.

    And of course you get all the residue and eventual blueprints and left over materials in return. (I cant stream my clicking but I will organize the loot window so you can check my success if you want it when I'm done)

    Ex: 100stones, you get 50textures guaranteed, if I make 59 you get 59 if I make 60 I keep 1 and you get 59textures. And if I only make 45 you still get 50
    (clicking done on Quantitiy, no guarantee if you want me to click on Condition)

    *100 stones minimum and 3000maximum/day
    **All kinds except Rutols, I could click them but at your own risk

    Contact me here or in game

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