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NAP Free DPS hunting Support team (hiring noobies)

Discussion in 'New Player Discussions' started by deathception, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. deathception

    deathception Member

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    OK so I was told and clarified that the type of free hunting events I held had a different category and its hiring noobies to assist me on hunting by causing High DPS and getting paid in skills

    SO..hopefully I won't have to keep posting my annoying posts
    First of all the term below is important to understand as it is what the event means:

    Player AMP
    - A player given a low level gun and ammo to assists a hunter and substitute the damage of an amp for a cheaper decay and receive free skills for assisting

    (N)ewbie (A)ssitance (P)rogram - Free hunting DPS support team (hiring noobies) *Ongoing Event*

    Get hired as a Player AMP, get paid in skills.

    • You will be given weapon/ fap, and ammo to use during the hunt. Whatever is left at the end, you can keep.
    • NAP team leader keeps all the loot, as you are being paid in skills
    • 20% of the value of global loots will be shared among the team members.
    • You get to play EU and skill up for free, and also make some peds on globals.
      • Calypso and Arkadia
      • Weekend events (future modifications)
      • New society starting this concept so these events starting slow
      • Monthly lucky newbie gets a chance to choose 3 mobs of the same species (mob species options given by representative) to get killed by representative and if global on either one or all 3 kills he/she gets 20% of the global(s)

    Well I hope I cleared some things and hopefully have this event going for a long time if all goes well thanks for reading again and sorry for those players that thought this would be a massive ped reward event

    Extra thought on this - the concept of those who join this society don't have to contribute anything , its just players amps but they get free skills and possible tip so it is beneficial for both event organizers and new players. The main focus of this isn't necessarily profit, its more of creating a solid community where "noobodies" (since noob are not considered important by those people who say they don't contribute much to the game) can have a useful role for high level hunting as well as skills and possible free ped.

    The point of joining the society (not required to join can still participate) is to rally up as many people as possible for one event so that who knows this concept might be adopted by other players therefore boosting the usefulness of noob on arkadia and calypso creating a great way to attract more playerbase into the game therefore creating more potential growth in economy, who knows where this can lead this concept hasn't been thought of before I assume‚Äč
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  2. ArchAngel

    ArchAngel Active Member

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    I like the concept, I wish you luck moving forward deathception!
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  3. wournos

    wournos Active Member

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    White text on white background doesn't work well. :rolleyes:
    Sounds like a good event though. I hope it works out.
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    KAZZAKURA New Member

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    Great idea! I am not sure about the economics of the whole thing though. Could you pls give us a bit more detail about the the math human amps vs. amps? If this is at least even cost for the organizer, i would surely try it with my disciples. :)
  5. DominiK

    DominiK Member

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    I m on it :) Count me in if you make such hunt, will be glad to participe in such event :)
  6. Lealu

    Lealu New Member

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    I'm interested as well.
    Does the Player AMP get to chose the weapon type (BLP or Laser) - (Rifle or Pistol) or is that decided by the event creator?

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