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Suggestion Nanocubes as alternative to UA as reward for PTECH daily

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by mastermesh, Jan 30, 2020.

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    Chief Engineer Milo has a nice little daily mission that it gets you 2 ped Universal Ammo daily after you get your hazmat suit... but what I'd like to see is alternative that gives you 2 ped Nanocubes so it's a bit nicer for crafters to sit up here on the moon instead of only hunters. Build up them HOFs on crafting from Nanocubes handed out by ol Milo.

    so instead of you just getting UA when you turn it in he'd give you choice of which you want UA or Nanocubes...

    I realize it's TTable, but maybe make Nanocubes non TTable... or something?

    or just make it shrapnel instead of UA?

    or... better yet, put some low hp mobs or low damage mob on the Moon... something that 2 ped ammo actually could be useful hunting for a while, etc. Something similar to puny mobs on other places in the virtual universe... or better yet something like the mobs on Rocktropia that have 2-5 hp instead of the puny's regular 10...

    On Calypso the puny get you an attribute if you kill x amount... On Cyrene there's something similar going low level critters... how about something like this on the moon... maybe the smugglers bring in a hornet hive from Arkadia?.. and an npc turn in mission for x amount of hornet parts gives you some attribute that the other two planets turn in missions mentioned don't, etc.

    while at it, how about some tameable mobs up here to match up to the number of tameables on Monria?
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