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More Post by David!

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by Colbey Kal, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. Colbey Kal

    Colbey Kal Member

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    David used to post nearly every week - often multiple times a day. That was Awesome! His posts are / were always intelligent, honest, and if he didn't know something he didn't try and pass off some BS. I want more!

    I love EU because of the economic aspects. (I'm a dork that way - to each their own) For that reason alone I spend most of my time on Caly. As the Arcadia economic system has really come into it's own I've been spending more time here - and I expect to increase my time here since in so many ways it's more pleasurable than Calypso. I think the foundation of Ark's appeal is based on the A-Team's communication. It's great that Chris, Mathias, and Lars also post here on a regular basis. They're cool. But there's no substitute for someone that knew the game so well, that after he became an 'uber' in his own right he decided to become a Planet Owner. Let's be honest..... That is awesome! Freaking Awesome!

    Look at this post: It gives an expected date of the next VU. It lets people know that he's aware of their opinion, even while personally disagreeing with it - and why. He lets us know what is going to be changed He gives information that is unrequested, but related to the initial question (Bonus points!).

    Here's a post : where he apologized for not posting for 5 days! Think about that.... He felt bad for not posting to the public section of the forum for 5 days. The new president of MA has stated they will try for better communications. If they said something every 5 'weeks' it'd be an improvement!

    He even tells jokes! (It may not be the "best joke" but darnit, at least he's trying!)

    All in all, I want more actual communication. I know he's busy. I know whatever he says, some idiot will complain. I know he's got people who can handle it for him. But darnit, when David say something, that means more!
  2. David | Arkadia

    David | Arkadia Administrator Staff Member PAF Administrator Planet Arkadia Official

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    I'm not totally absent (last post was a week ago). Getting worse than 5 days hey.

    I acknowledge I haven't been as active of late, I'll make more of an effort :)

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