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Suggestion more hazmat suit required missions...

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by mastermesh, Feb 9, 2020.

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    While the PTEC - Meteorite Samples Missions is a nice little mission, there's nothing else to do mission wise once you have completed that single mission... all that build up after days and days of obtaining each piece of the suit only to have that as the end goal?!?...

    Why not create about 10 or so daily missions that each require full hazmat suit to do the missions or mission chain?

    Also the PTech Protection Headgear is used as a part of the suit to do that mission, but the PTech Hazmat Mask isn't needed... Why not create some missions that require the Hazmat Mask?

    Better yet, how about a series of missions that require the Adventurer's Backpack be equipped along witht he mask in order to complete them or something... or some that require one and some the other... backpack by itself only mission might be best since so many other parts of the suit unequip pieces of armor, etc.

    I do like the 2 ped per day universal ammo mission... why not make each or at least some of these missions require somewhere in the neighborhood of 1-1.5 ped Universal ammo be used to complete the mission?... sort of create a sulf sustainable mission that keeps people here grinding away...

    At the moment lowest level hp mob is oompa... which has around 150 hp... a lot of other mobs on other planets including Arkadia Proper have some mobs with only 10 hp... Rocktropia has some mobs that only require 5 hp to kill, etc... why not create some low level mobs on the moon that these new daily missions will go with... or at least some of them could go with and others may require more costs, etc....
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