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Monura Female

Discussion in 'Creatures' started by May, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Bolleke

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    Little update maybe, i just finished stage 3 monura female
    This is what i got and i found it weird
    [System]: You have gained 34.5746 experience in your Shortblades skill.
    [System]: Mission completed (IFN Challenge - Monura Female Stage 3)
    so just to be sure i took a screenshot[​IMG]
  2. Ardorj

    Ardorj Active Member Pro Users

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    Since the last update you'll see how much you've gained when you get more experience in a skill.
    For 'normal' or all day activities it looks like: "You have gained 0.5746 experience in your Shortblades skill." When completing a mission, it's (often) higher. And since the skill reward for the Monura Female Stage 3 is Shortblades, that is what you see in System-chat.
    I take it you haven't hunted much with knives?
    And lest I forget: gratz on completing that mission!
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