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Missing the high level weapons

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by KikkiJikki, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. KikkiJikki

    KikkiJikki Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    Today I was looking through entropedia for good high dps blp rifles. The ark series (40 and above) stack up really well both in terms of dps and dpp.

    Except of course they are not to be had anywhere. Appear to have stopped dropping as hunting loot and the bps still havent dropped after all this time.

    Recently Arkadia devs released a new bunch of long range weapons. Sounds great! Except none have dropped yet.

    Meanwhile I am seeing a lot of new discoveries in the current Caly event. It's a bit frustrating. I know they have more players participating so the chance of a drop is higher, but I do think that the loot tables for hunting and crafting might need a little bit of adjustment here.
  2. cute781217

    cute781217 Active Member Pro Users

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    Agree, the blueprints of high level weapons just missing for too long. A-team should really pushing mindark to drop some of them. If A-team worry about some mistake that might be done by mindark then drop too much of them, then can do a official event and put those blueprints as reward. I'm not saying those blueprints should be drop like law-101, but 1 or 2 maybe 3 is needed for local economy.

    Same as the blueprints of mining amp. Due to the high markup of duru and niks, people start using D-class amp come from Rocktropia instead. It is a good chance to enlarge our local economy by selling our own mining amp( Terra amp that is) to other planets. Rocktropia finally start pushing their specific minerals and Cyrene may hard launch in August update, planets' competition would be even more stronger in that time. So I really hope no matter what the problem is, solve it ASAP. :)
  3. Neil

    Neil Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    Yep... get them out by the time I'm maxed on them! ...probably about a month from now.

    The only UL BPs in the 404 range that have dropped are:

    ASI-40 Arctic

    That's all.... and how long has it been since these BPs were supposed to be out? Why is Calypso able to get out a dozen new weapons every month (so it seems), while Arkadia's new weapons weren't even put into the loot pool when they were supposed to be? And when it comes to that, why aren't smugglers dropping anymore? Some of us want a reason to keep on hunting....

    About the mining amps, I'd also like to see a Terra Amp 0.5... about the same size as a Caly level 2 amp. Key with the amps.... they have to be cheap to make (Terra Amp 1 is not) or people will just import the Caly versions. This seems to be a problem though... MA's balancing team seems to be actively moving all ore MUs up on Ark, so the junk ores are being harder to find.

    A good solution would be to use the junk treasures for amps. Amps are a high-volume kind of item (as opposed to clothes), so it would be great if we could get some MU on those fossil teeth, aarkan polymers, and the other treasures that have virtually no demand. They don't have to be 130-140% like wen and star, but more than 103% would be good. Unless the SOOTO rate increases, nobody has a reason to treasure hunt, other than the occasional run for balancing agent and binding epoxy, which can be targeted pretty easily.

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