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misc hunting stuff

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Bolleke, Jan 4, 2018.

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    Since I don't travel in space with my stuff it all stays on ark.
    Here is my list that's negotiable :)
    20[Scoria Leg]
    53[Teladon Foot]
    17[Tiarak Nail]125%
    74[Beladoth Nail]
    20[Huon Foot]115%
    98[Halix Tail]1450%
    17[Basic Eye Color Set]200%
    6[Output Amplifier Component]160%
    9[Silver Party Flask]200%
    67[Tier V Component]115%
    60[Tier IV Component]120%
    642[Tier III Component]135%
    43[Tier II Component]115%
    884[Tier I Component]105%
    2[Tier X Component]115%
    676[Robot Safety System]110%
    445[Robot Heat Sinks]120%
    350[Robot Weapon Sight]125%
    807[Animal Thyroid Oil]104%
    318[Animal Adrenal Oil]104%
    10k+[Animal Muscle Oil]104%

    Mining stuff I know nothing off

    521[Songtil Agent] 101%
    90[Garcen Grease]107%
    7547[Hydrogen Gas]109%
    53[Banite Ingot]105%
    7[Wenrex Ingot]145%
    18[Ganganite Ingot]110%
    5[Hebredite Ingot]102%
    10[Quil Rubber]103%
    3[Frakite Ingot]170%
    28[Pel Liquid]180%
    4[Yulerium Ingot]104%
    90[Zolphic Grease]105%
    4[Erdorium Ingot]108%

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