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Mining strongboxes on planet Arkadia or Arkadia moon

Discussion in 'Mining' started by hHitman, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. hHitman

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    I have been mining on ark for some time now and was wondering is it possible for us miners to loot mining strong boxes on planet arkadia and arkadia moon for i never looted one here yet.so i did some reading on planet calypso forum and found this thread.


    One MA official stated that currently its only dropped on caly and asteroid and any planet partner that wants
    "Something out of the ordinary"they can request mining boxes from such finds.

    I know many of us love mining on ark and i wish this will be possible in the comming updates maybe?

    Do you fellow miners think that we should have those boxes on ark and moon as well? Id say it will boost some mining on the these planets as well.

    Can we get an official statement from ark devs about this matter please?

  2. Craggan

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    I think since Ark has the Treasure hunting profession (yes i know the materials are mostly worthless) and the items in their SOOTOs that the strongboxes might be left out on purpose.