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Mining fields design. Are you sure this is what you want?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by BlackHawk, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. BlackHawk

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    I did some exploring on Arkadia. I am far from claiming I mapped all there is there, but until now it is a general pattern that emerges from observing the mining fields. And that is the fact that they tend to be really small.

    I see some benefits in this, but also some draw backs.

    The benefit is that a miner would need to be precise, and in order to loot what you want, you have to have a precise knowledge of the place. And in a way, that is fine. One could think that that would increase the markup, but it would be wrong.

    However, another aspect is the one related to the fact that if a field is really small, you can't drop enough bombs fast. You need to teleport and move around a lot. That makes it tedious.
    If doing it like this, would increase the markup, it would all be fine. The problem is that it will not, simply because people who have no clue about mapping stuff will go brute force dropping all over, and since moving from one field to another is fast, they would loot a lot of markup simply by mistake. So that would keep the market exactly where it would be if mining places would be designed to support heavier mining.

    I do not know what your intention is. But most people can be geeks up to a level. At least, I know I have a limit at some point. And I know I am more patient than most people.

    Maybe I am wrong. I will keep searching. But if designing small mining fields is your motto I will eventually give up.
  2. Cyborg Bill

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    Well I wuld rather have what we do now then on Calypso. At first Calypos had the fileds with the lyst bounfries around them so you KNEW you were in a field and active mining would give knowlege of what was in them. There were odd claims to be found between the fields as you went to keep you from being bored. Matter of fact most of mmy globals and hofs came from theose in between claims.

    Now the fields are spread out with no clear boundries. Most are packed full of trash mobs for missions. and teh inbetween claims are nonexistant.

    I see the method here as how it is set up and can look forward enough to know there will be more mobs added and I would see some of the rarer mats having a spwan on top of the smaller areas. Others will be in the open and accessable to any miner. I think mining is far easier now once you know where the fields are. I can drop more bombs in closer area and get high hit rates. Unlike straight line running like on Calypso where you can go many km with nothing if you cant find the line.

    At anyrate its far to hard to judge any system here yet as these are still the "Grand opening" settings and they WILL change, they will be nerfed, and some will move once enough crafters create enough need to get the lyst spawns to change over to what they will be to conform with the market demands to balance things.

    Kick back for a month er two or go back to Caly till it gets more established if you are bored or dont like how it is. I will stay and enjoy the peaceful playing without pk and mob hassles as long as it will be around however short that may be due to planet growth.