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Mentor in United Kingdom: Clytemnestra Cly Darksteel - Hunting, Mining, Crafting, Tai

Discussion in 'GMT -1 to GMT +1' started by Cly, Aug 14, 2013.

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    [IMGRT]http://arkadiaforum.com/images/flags/United Kingdom.png[/IMGRT]Avatar Name: Clytemnestra Cly Darksteel
    Player Since: 2006
    Society: Darksteel Enterprises

    Time Zone: GMT
    Country: United Kingdom

    Main Professions: Hunting, Mining, Crafting, Tailoring, Coloring, Texturing, Mindforce, Beauty, Taming

    Days Usually Online: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    Time Usually Online: Morning, Midday, Afternoon, Evening, Randomly
    Usual Hangout Location: Celeste Harbour, Formidable Firebase Academy

    How to Contact Me: Arkadia Forum, Private Message, Email, In-Game
    Email: ClytemnestraDarksteel@gmail.com

    Additional Information: Hi there, I am a patient and steady mentor, and won't be rushing or pressuring your progress.

    My times online vary from day to day based on my RL workload, but I am pretty much constantly available via email if you have questions and I will answer each of these in great detail.

    I see my purposes as being to enable you to learn about and grow within Entropia, and am prepared to help out with your starting steps by buying your loot, sweat and so on for a while to help you get started.

    I dabble in everything, so have wide experience rather than exclusive depth.

    I started my Entropia life by sweating and fruit-finding, so I have good knowledge of how to play the slow advancement game for those who wish to look at that.

    If you're serious about your EU then I am very happy to help you as much as I can.

    I rarely leave Arkadia and often work from home, so can log inn at odd times almost any day but the most reliable way to routinely reach me is via email at the above address.

    Welcome aboard, and good luck out there!