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Mentor in Canada: Berentain Berentain Korodullin - Hunting, Coloring, Texturing

Discussion in 'GMT -8 to GMT -5' started by Berentain, Feb 23, 2013.

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    [IMGRT]http://arkadiaforum.com/images/flags/Canada.png[/IMGRT]Avatar Name: Berentain Berentain Korodullin
    Player Since: 2005
    Society: Digital Resistance

    Time Zone: GMT-5
    Country: Canada

    Main Professions: Hunting, Coloring, Texturing

    Days Usually Online: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    Time Usually Online: Evening, Randomly
    Usual Hangout Location: Harbour}

    How to Contact Me: Arkadia Forum, Private Message, In-Game

    Additional Information: I'm a lvl 45 Hunter who played on and off since 2005. If you are new and have the love for hunting then I can help!
    BLP, Laser, Plasma, MindForce, Swords, Knives, Whips and PowerFists are your choices of weapons.

    What you need?
    - A GOAL
    - You need PEDs to hunt (sorry no sweat advices here)

    What I provide?
    - Give advices about armors, weapons, and information on different mobs

    My goal is to train you to be able to hunt medium lvl mobs (1000+ hp) by the time we are done. I dont care about the before or after graduation. You finish when you are independent and is self-proficient.

    Contact me in-game or msg here
    Berentain Berentain Korodullin

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