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Mentak's Service Center - FAP, Pet Training, Events, and All Odd Jobs

Discussion in 'Services' started by Mentak Rickshaw Tem, Dec 15, 2015.

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    Hi everyone, my IGN is Mentak Rickshaw Tem and I am back from a long break. With my return I've decided to resurrect my handyman service with some new twists. I will list the available services below with details, but feel free to request me for other jobs you have thought up.

    Currently I am a rookie Fapper and I am looking for whatever experience I can get my hands on. I only expect decay costs and nothing more.
    I currently only have an Herb Box to offer as a Fap.

    I have taken a shine to the new pet system and I'm enjoying it a lot so I've decided to follow the example of Daughter of Anarchy's service and offer Pet Training.
    If you need a person to train one of your pets for you, I'm your guy.
    Rates: 25 PEC an hour for active training. I won't be doing an AFK service at this time.

    I have experience in event hosting/assistant hosting on both Arkadia and Calypso and my services are up for grabs. Whatever your event needs are, I'm sure we can negotiate a fair price for the situation.

    I have several vehicles up for grabs as Taxis, courier, or just for joy riding. Space ready VTOL, Valkyrie, 2 Spear Mk 4s, and a chopper. The Spears are always fun.

    Since this might come up, I am not interested in spamming Ark chat any more than it is already so regrettably I can't provide this service. If anyone would like help in providing creative advertising solutions, I am available to help with that.

    If there are any other odd jobs that anyone may need a person for, please feel free to inquire about them with me.

    Thanks for your interest in what I have to offer. I hope to conduct business with many of you in the future.

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