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MAKO FAL-3 (L) Blueprint (L) + MANTA K-1 (L) Blueprint

Discussion in 'Price Check' started by Tancred, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Tancred

    Tancred Member

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    Did my first ever weapon crafting today and looted two blueprint (one unlimited) which have no auction history and are not entered into entropedia (will soon be). Hooray.

    BUT it was not a discovery and when I check more closely I guess they are not worth much either. Or what do you think?

    MAKO FAL-3 (L) Blueprint (L), 2 clicks
    2*Florican Spray
    3*Pyrite Ingot
    7*Frigulite Ingot
    20*Weld Filament
    21*Kaz Ingot

    MANTA K-1 (L) Blueprint, i.e. UL but only produces a TT weapon
    2*Cumbriz Ingot
    3*Somin Tar
    10*Weld filament
    21*Lysterium Ingot
  2. happy_hipster

    happy_hipster Active Member

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    I think Im interested in them both, add them to the blueprint library and we can help you tier them!


    btw, have a weld filament bp that has some qr as well, you are welcome to use it

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