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Discussion in 'Creatures' started by May, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. May

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    Though of medium size, the Madana appears to be a scavenger.

    Wandering freely foraging, it is quick and can do a surprising amount of damage to it's environment and creatures.

    It seems to have a substance in its saliva that eats away flesh, making it more of a threat than the chance of a mere nasty bite.

    Creature Type:

    Damage Type:
    Stab30 %
    Cut30 %
    Acid40 %
    Statistical data:
    -YoungMatureOldProviderGuardianDominantAlphaOld AlphaProwlerStalker
    Health Level-
    Damage Potential-
    IFN Challenge:
    Stage 175 kills0.40 ped Rifle
    Stage 2400 kills2.15 ped BLP Weaponry Technology
    Stage 31200 kills6.45 ped Weapons Handling
    Stage 44800 killsMadana Trophy Head + 50 Psyche Tokens + 7.54 ped Alertnessor Vehicle Repairing
    Stage 512.000 kills100 Agility Tokens + 11.70 ped Bioregenesisor Support Weapon Systemsor First Aid
    Stage 660.000 killpointsMadana Figurine + 33.74 ped DexterityRepeatable
    Young lvl 420 hp
    Mature lvl 570 hp
    Old lvl 710 hp
    Provider lvl 870 hp
    Guardian lvl 1020 hp
    Dominant lvl 1190 hp
    Alpha lvl 1320 hp
    Old Alpha lvl 1480 hp
    Prowler lvl 1650 hp
    Stalker lvl 1820 hp

    Minimum Global level:

    - Empty Skill Implant (L)
    - Piron PBP-17 (L)
    - Piron PLP-17 (L)

    - Advanced Metal Extractor
    - Advanced Stone Extractor
    - Animal Eye Oil
    - Animal Hide
    - Animal Oil Residue
    - Animal Thyroid Oil
    - Arkace Timber
    - Basic Cloth Extractor
    - Basic Plastic Extractor
    - Blazar Fragment
    - BLP Pack
    - Electronic Stabilizing Component
    - Fine Hide
    - Fine Wool
    - High Definition GUI Component
    - Interactive Simplifier Component
    - Lip Gloss (Carnation Pink)
    - Madana Hide
    - Madana Leg Fur
    - Madana Tail
    - Nova Fragment
    - Paint Can (Blue)
    - Paint Can (Brown)
    - Paint Can (Light Green)
    - Paint Can (Mauve)
    - Paint Can (Navy)
    - Paint Can (Pink)
    - Shrapnel
    - Socket II Component
    - Soft Hide
    - Thin Wool
    - Tier II Component
    - Weapon Cells
    - Wool

    (Only Loot listed that has dropped from VU 15.0 on.)

    Entropedia.info link.
    EP Wiki link.
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  2. May

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    Additional tips & info on Madana.

    - Link to the original Madana thread.

    - Max damage on avatar without armor (excl. crits): Young 32 hp to Stalker 120 hp.

    Video from EntropiaPlanets.

    For all the data: if there is something that should/could be changed, or added, please post or PM. [​IMG]
    (Info send through PMs will be added anonymously by default, unless the sender mentions otherwise.)
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  3. DemonAkasha

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    They seem to Global at 40 PED Min. I will compile an updated loot List. The only things I I haven't seen are:

    - Lip Gloss (Carnation Pink),
    - Empty Skill Implant (L)
    - Piron PBP-17 (L)
    - Piron PLP-17 (L)

    So they are most likely rarer loot.
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  4. DemonAkasha

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    New Loots:

    Rouge (Pink-Orange)
    Scott & Barlow LP-13 (L)
  5. San

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    If you're doing the mission, a tip on armour: If you have a trusty old Goblin, put some Pulsar 8 on and you're good for these up to Provider. If not, go pick one up, it costs peanuts. The decay to pay with this combo is a lot cheaper than Viceroy.

    They are slightly more aggressive than Arkadian average. The occasional higher maturities in the spawn (up to Dominant) can be a headache because they sometimes can't be avoided esp. when they spawn within range. But surviving them with a bit of fapping is better than overprotecting with Viceroy & plates on all the rest. The long way to the service center makes eco-dying inconvenient.

    Edit 2020: The notes above on overprotection are outdated.
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  6. happy_hipster

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    Santosa's Reach(I in no way represent or speak for them, just commenting)

    I am so glad this land area is finally being promoted. A single mob that is reachable by most players with high MU loot is always a plus!


    The underlined words are linked to wiki.

    I am buying Madana Tails to Make Pulsar 4 Plates for Mutated Madana, they are heavy on Acid. Glad to see the MU returning to "normal" for Madana Tails, which was 180%, and although that is better for crafting, it was nice when it hit 400% + for the hunters. I am buying tails at or below 180% atm.

    If anyone wants to turn their hides into textures, I have decent QR on the Madana Texture bp and am willing to craft them for free if you supply the materials. I will also loan the blueprint to anyone for a 600p deposit, returned in full with the return of the blueprint. My "fee" is the QR gain.

    Id like to start making Cetus Armor(L) that is also heavy on the acid, but low cost, 800p tt, which makes it more affordable than Perseus. Id like to offer it at the same rate I offer the L versions of Musca, Canis, Lupus, Renegade, Predator, Ghost and Rascal. 180% auction, 175% parts, 170% Sets, 165% more than 3 sets.

    I need to get any feedback I can on using Cetus(L) for muties, if anyone has.

    Thank you for reading this through, and happy huntin' (and MINING),