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Hunting Loot not being added to inventory

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Neil, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Neil

    Neil Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    A pretty serious bug we should watch out for:

    One of my disciples was hunting jori today (big ones, north of sanctuary cove, ark-10 desert). She would see the loot messages on the screen, but the stackables would only be added to her inventory if she did not already have that item in there. In other words, the first time she looted hides she would get them, after that she would see loot messages but the hide stack would not increase. Same with ammo and other stackables.

    She relogged, checked the EU website item list, the missing stackables are indeed missing. Support case sent.

    I wonder if this kind of thing is why some people claim to have 25% returns.

    In any case, watch your stackables.
  2. lindadhillebrandt

    lindadhillebrandt New Member

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    Well said Neil! Thank you for posting this for me. I had no idea how to say it so well without sounding like a algebra problem lol.

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