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Looking to join a society - take three

Discussion in 'SocTalk' started by Kiddoo, May 12, 2015.

  1. Kiddoo

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    Hyellow! :)

    I tried before to find pretty much the same thing and failed, but since some time passed, decided to give it yet another try. :)

    Who am I

    Since, as JFK wisely said, one should not first ask what the country (society in our case) can do for them, but ask what they can do for the country (again, society in our case), I decided to start by presenting myself.

    About me

    Well, my name is Alexandra and I’m a 1x years old girl from Romania, or if that doesn’t ring any bell to you, from Transylvania (home land of Dracula) and I may or may not be a vampire and/or somehow related with the mentioned character. I love mountain hikes, long distance runs, books, movies, chess, bridge, go and computer games. :)

    About my avatar

    After a first failed attempt, I created this avatar on Earth's Day, April 22nd 2015, on planet Arkadia and it didn't took lok to realize that I'm totally sold to the game. I have many dreams and goals in game, but probably the biggest one is to manage to come to the point where to play the game entirely in a "single player mode" - be totally self sufficient, as in being able to survive with only what I gather and craft myself, with minimal (or even no) interaction with other people. Also, I'm pretty much a free player, as in I do try to deposit a bit every now and then, but definitely never more than a couple dollars per month.

    A few extras

    I'm not a "nolifer" being in game 12 hours every day and, as already said, I am not (and will never be) a (big) depositer and, finally, I don't like to powerlevel my way through the game, but enjoy it at my own pace, which I guess will totally rule me out from any society that has hardcore requirements from its members. On the other hand, I'm a daily player (play time of around four hours per day), I'm good to my word (as in if there is a planned activity to which I commit, then there's a 99.99% chance that I'll be there), I like group activities, I can be a team player when needed and, also, I'm quite a sociable girl.

    What I'm looking for

    Well, I won't be a hypocrite, and I would admit that one of the things I expect from a society is to make my live easier. Now that doesn't mean that I expect to have freebies hand out to me on a constant base, but something like having some crafters buy my small stacks of loot at a fair price or a hunter hire me for some healing jobs would be something that I would definitely appreciate. Also group actions like team hunts or so, sound like a lot of fun, and I would love to participate to. :)

    But by far, the most important thing I'm looking for are the people in the society. Having to chose between a society with no perks/actions, but with great people and a society with all possible perks/actions, but with unpleasant people, I will choice the first one without the slightest hesitation.

    The society size may also represent an issue in my case. I don't like to joint a new formed, really small society with only 3-4-5 people, that is very likely to disband in the close future and where I would be alone most of the day, just as I don't like huge societies with 50-100-200 members, which for me no longer look like a group/family, but just as a crowd. What I am looking for is a small-medium society, that already stand the test of time, with probably something like ~20-30 total active members, ~10-15 members online at peak times and ~5 members online at almost any time. A general rule I always had is that a society that puts quantity before quality and that pretty much accepts anyone, no questions asked, is something I definitely don't want for myself.

    Also, I have to say that I kinda dislike the idea of a militaristic structure, where "ranks" really matter and where I have to do something just because the "colonel'' or the "general" says so; for me you will never be a "colonel" or a "general", but just a "friend", "pal", "buddy" or "guildie" and I will listen to anything that sounds logic, argumented and common sense, but not something like "you are not allowed to be friend or hunt with people from society X" (yeah, I was actually told that some societies has such rules). :)

    Finally, I want a society with an active but clean, family friendly chat. I can understand that slips may happen every now and then, but I'm really not willing to hear people constantly swearing or talking about sex, drugs, alcohol, etc.

    What made me left my last (and only) society was the fact that the chat pretty much consisted in 90% of cases in only "hi", "bye", "grats", "thank you" - really looking for something a bit more meaningful than that - from strategy discussion to market price evolution, from guild activities to real life discussions about books, movies, economics, politics, philosophy, whatever. :)

    Soo... think you have an offer for me... feel free to PM here. I don't live on forum, but I'll try to check it at least once every day. Thank you for your time reading my open application. :):)
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  2. Murkalael

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    For the business part you don't need a soc. Just the right buyer for the right loot. New player life is hard. For the family like part you also don't need a soc, entire Arkadia is your society with no bonds or obligations, just need to be friendly. For the group huntint/mining/crafting part well, that's an issue. You might need a soc or not, deppend on your relashionship with others. In some cases a soc is a good thing to have, other doesn't really matter. So why join a soc?
    -the talk is something good (I'm not a talker).
    -is easier to reach some goals like obtaining some hard to find blueprint or get some type of ore, kill some bigger mobs, but as a non soc player you will have to pay for it and the results might not be as expected
    -exchange of info the the best part of it.
    -I also dislike the military type of soc.

    Botton line, you might get your life easier on a soc, but not the way you picture it, and again A.N.G.E.L.S. recruits regardless of gender, belief, color or nationality. Just need to apply.