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Logging mining claims

Discussion in 'Interactive Arkadia' started by endy, Feb 9, 2012.

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    This thread is about the new way to log claims and your feedback about it

    This is a new experimental feature, it's not perfect, it won't fit all mining styles and it requires more action than using OCR, still it's faster than creating oceanic files manually and doesn't require any XML knowledge.


    Oceanic Importer can now extract your mining data from the EU chat log file and generate an XML file ready to be used in Oceanic.
    The option to log the main chat should be turned on in the ingame interface.

    How it works:

    Every time you find a claim, you open main chat and type in its resource, size and depth, taken from the deed or taken after the first pull, if deed has an unknown resource in it. The time of the claim will be taken from the timestamp of this chat message. When you are near the claim, you press "P" to generate position message in the chat - that will become the claim coordinates.
    Position message will be also used to recognize the planet where you found the claim.

    You start your claim message with "!" to separate it from normal chat messages, and use resources' nicknames, to speed up typing. These nicknames are changable and defined in the main oceanic config file.

    You can use either Local chat to type in claim messages or if you need privacy, Team chat. You can always create a one person team to be able to use Team chat.

    To scan the log file and to generate an Oceanic file from it, you need to use Oceanic Importer (OI).

    To be able to extract data, OI needs to know your ingame name as seen in the chat and the location of the log file on your computer. You specify those inside OI config file, located inside "import" folder. By default OI config file comes with the following settings:

    If you are using Win7, you most likely will only need to change "YOUR-USERNAME" in the path to your system username. Also, you need to change "YOUR-NAME-IN-CHAT" to your avatar name.

    Examples and recognition rules:

    1. This will generate a lysterium claim on NI with size I and depth 150m:

    Oceanic equivalent:
    2. You need to have at least one "P" message in the chat before the next claim, for it to be valid:

    Here lysterium claim size II at 300m will NOT be processed, as it doesn't have a location attached to it.

    3. Only the first position message after the claim message will be used to specify position:

    Oceanic equivalent:


    Two new resource types were added to Oceanic, ore NRF and enmatter NRF. You can customize them like any other Oceanic ore/enm resource.
    The Oceanic names are: "_NRF_ Enm" and "_NRF_ Ore".
    The nicknames for claim messages are "1" for enmatter and "2" for ore, so this:

    will produce the following Oceanic entry: