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Discussion in 'Entropia Release Notes' started by ArkadiaBot, Apr 13, 2017.

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    Live 24/7 Support

    MindArk is continually striving to improve the Entropia Universe participant experience. In earlier communications, we have highlighted recent efforts to improve the newcomer experience and this is an area MindArk will continue to focus on. We also appreciate that Entropians occasionally need a helping hand with their adventures in Entropia Universe.

    For this reason, MindArk has decided to launch 24/7 live support on the www.entropiauniverse.com and www.planetcalypso.com websites, starting on April 15, 2017. This live support channel is not intended as a replacement for the support ticket system already in place, but rather a complementary system to assist participants (especially newcomers) with minor gameplay and interface issues.

    In addition, we are introducing live support avatars to assist participants with common issues and questions. This team will be available 24/7 in-game on Planet Calypso and in the universe-wide live support chat channel. These avatars will be available to help guide and assist participants with exploring the vast universe of Entropia rather than wrestling with client or interface issues. Please note that the live support channel is not a replacement for the normal support-ticket system, but a complement intended to assist with basic issues.

    The areas that the in-game and web-based live support staff will handle will be limited to begin with. Those areas will include:

    • Account Creation
    • Download and Setup of the Client
    • Avatar Creation
    • Player Controls
    • Assistance with game mechanics and systems
    • General Information

    Please note that interactions with the live support staff (whether in-game or via the web) are real-time direct communications and thus will not include follow-up communications for issues that require investigation or escalation. Also, please be courteous and polite to the live support staff, and remember that they are not responsible for any issues which may be causing frustration.

    Submitting a traditional support case will still be necessary for sensitive matters related to:

    • Locked accounts
    • Personal identity details
    • Deposits, withdraws or financial-related issues
    • Bug reports
    • Exploit or scam reports

    It is MindArk's hope that these new support channels will make Entropia Universe more accessible and enjoyable for all partcipants, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve our customer service relationships.

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