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Land Grab at Songkra Valley!

Discussion in 'Events' started by Captain Jack, Mar 31, 2019.

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    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own one of Entropia's best land areas for a week?
    Now you have the opportunity to do just that!
    Chaos hits the field in a flurry of activity. The rrrratatatat of the BLP fire is heard intermittently between the pop! fzzz! tssssewww of lazer weapons. The air is pierced and everyone takes cover as the purple trace of sniper fire cuts through the air like a knife. The sound of rockets exploding nearby reminds the team it is not safe to stand stationary, and everyone scatters again. Now this is chaos!
    Land Grab has struck Songkra Valley, and everyone is racing to get a piece of the action.

    Weekly Land Grab
    Every week a 2/3rds majority claim on the land area's profits are up for grabs!
    The land area's performance will be tallied weekly and two winners selected.
    Highest Single Loot: 33% of the land area's profit for the week (500 PED minimum).
    Most Globals: 33% of the land area's profit for the week (500 PED minimum).

    Teams are authorized and must be registered here with a team captain to claim the prize.
    Please be sure to always use an identical team name or else your globals will not be grouped.
    How much taxes are we talking here?
    The LA tax rate is set to 3.99%.
    An active grinder's average daily cycle on Songkra Valley is 3k-5K PED. This means that an average active grinder will generate anywhere from 120 to 200 PED of taxes, sometimes more. You can imagine how this adds up with other hunters grinding as well. 5 hunters of equal measure would equate to 600-1000 PED per day. Below is an image of the taxes from four days during a similar event done in March.

    How is profit calculated?
    Profit will be the final sum of taxes minus cost of operation.
    Cost of operation is as follows: Promotional costs (weekend event prizes, etc.) + 75 PED for fertilizer and management.

    What happens if multiple people have identical scores?
    In the unlikely event the multiple participants' scores are the exact same value, the prize will be split between all participants affected.

    Mutated Beladoth (Provider-Dominant)
    Repeatable Mission Reward: 61.68 TT of Athletics (significant contributor to Health and Evader, Dodger, and Jammer professions)
    Damage type:
    Cut 40%
    Stab 40%
    Impact 20%
    Mutated Otorugi: (Guardian-Alpha)
    Repeatable Mission Reward: 54.35 TT of Alertness (significant contributor to all the Looter professions, Evader, Dodger, and Jammer)
    Damage type:
    Cut 33%
    Stab 33%
    Impact 33%
    1. This is a hunting event only. Highest Single Loot may be scored on Mutated Beladoth or Mutated Otorugi. The most globals will be tracked on Mutated Beladoth only.
    2. This is an event on Songkra Valley. All HoFs must be scored on Songkra Valley to be valid to claim the prize.
    3. To qualify for the Highest Single Loot category, you must post your HoF in the "uberloots" section of the HoF forum, and post the link to your thread in this thread.
    4. You must post your HoF within 7 days of scoring to qualify for compensation.
    5. You must make a good faith effort to contact me* within 30 days to claim your prize. The best way to reach me is through Discord: Captain_Lucky_Jack#7639
    6. Rules and event details are subject to change as necessary to maintain a fair, sustainable, and balanced event.
    7. A "week" is a revolving seven day period starting at 0230 ingame time and ending at 0230 ingame time on Mondays.

    *Attempting to contact me ingame is not completely effective as I am not the only one with access to my avatar.
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