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LA Sale

Discussion in 'Aakas Island' started by Jandre Kroeze, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Jandre Kroeze

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    Aakas Ilsand is Up for sale. Both the ClubHouse, Entire Island. Two Unique Mission Chain Mobs, found also and only in Aakas Instances.

    Im quitting the Game, for a RL startup.

    Interested parties may get in touch with me.

    Going for exact price I bought it for. 200K Ped. Clean. Two Deeds.

    With Personal Crafting Terminal, furniture, shopkeepers,etc. 250 000 PEDs. As it stands now.
    I have collected most DNA parts , icluding Cartridges for Making : " Mutated Magurg Males". Unfortunatelly No Magurg Heart, and Mutation agent, looted yet. I will ofc, iclude all of the collected items, in the deal, so the future owner, may continue the endeavour.
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