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KikkiJikki is selling his shops

Discussion in 'Selling' started by KikkiJikki, Mar 8, 2019.

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    The following shops are available for sale

    Celeste North Shop 1 - 300 interior item points - SOLD
    Celeste North Shop 5 - 270 interior item points
    Sanctuary Cove Shop 5 - 300 interior item points
    Celeste Quarry Booth - 40 item points

    Twins Mall Lvl 2 shop L1 - 170 interior item points - SOLD
    Emerald Lakes Mall Lvl 1 shop L1 - 300 interior item points.

    The Celeste North shops are in premium locations being visible from the main Celeste Harbour TP.
    Similary the quarry booth is in a high traffic area and attracts a lot of passing trade.

    I don't have any specific prices in mind but I will state up front that I value the booth quite highly compared to booths in any other location in Entropia. My sales through the booth have been on par with the shops despite the reduced capacity. I've been operating it with 6 shop keepers to effectively raise the capacity to 120 points, and had terrific sales over the 5 or 6 years I have been running the business.

    Please contact me to make offers or ask questions. I'm not in any hurry to sell but I do want to see these estates put to good use.

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