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KikkiJikki is selling his crafting business

Discussion in 'Selling' started by KikkiJikki, Mar 7, 2019.

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    Hi all,

    It's been at least 18 months since I did any crafting. Without having a massive whine, I got frustrated with shop performance bugs and their impact on my fun factor. So I took a break.

    Over the life of the business I have around 1.5 million ped in sales with net profit of 10% over the whole period (in 2017, net profit was around 15%) but I think I would rather be doing something else with my time. So...

    Given I am not crafting, I have decided to sell my business either as a whole or piecemeal.

    I'm doing this for two reasons
    - to recoup funds to use elsewhere (such as my house mortgage)
    - to free up shops and blueprints for others to use and enjoy.

    I will be making a few sales threads over the next couple of days, breaking the sales into:
    - Shops and related infrastructure
    - Armour bps
    - Weapon bps
    - other - (possibly bps for tools, keys, faps etc).

    Give you a high level overview of the things that will be available to buy my assets include:
    - four shops and one booth on Arkadia
    - two shops on Calypso
    - 13 shopkeepers
    - Almost all Unl Arkadian weapon and amp bps
    - Almost all Unl Arkadian armour bps including Koroma at QR100 (as 18 months ago this was unique bp set)
    I also have a few Calypso bps that may be of interest - eg Stealth Armour.

    At this stage I have no plans to sell my personal gear, but I will probably renew a sales thread around some items I no longer use.

    I'm also not selling my account as my reputation belongs to me and is not for sale.

    I'm happy to sell individual items or in bulk. I'm not looking for a bidding war and I am not in a hurry. So once I set up the sales threads, feel free to pm me to make offers or ask questions.