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Khorum Coast (Land Area)

Discussion in 'Selling' started by DxBlueIce, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. DxBlueIce

    DxBlueIce Adviser Arkadia Adviser

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    Due to rl obligations (mainly work) I have no time to play right now.
    Maintaining a land area (and the associated events) requires a lot of time though.
    Therefore I decided to sell the land area, so that others can make more of it than me. I think it has great potential others can make use of.

    Here are some key facts about the land area:
    • Own Teleporter
    • Custom name and global message
    • 6(!) (unique) DNA’s (1 Mutated Kamaldon, 1 Mutated Zadul, 2 Mutated Hadraada, 2 Mutated Nusul)
    • A Shop (the deed is included in the sale)
    • 2 Outposts with terminals
    The land area is the only(?) one with such a great spectrum of DNA’s. You can target low level, mid level or high level hunters with those different DNA’s.
    Therefore it’s very versatile.

    I’m listing the most active months here, so you can see the potential of this land area. It is currently not maintained (due to me not having time as mentioned above).
    These figures can be backed up with ingame screenshots (PED Flow Center) of course.
    Jan 193120.25 PED
    Feb 199270.65 PED
    Mar 197255.53 PED
    Apr 192349.37 PED
    May 192123.11 PED
    These were the months we actively maintained the land area (not ideal, but as time permitted). Of course, there was income in the other months, too.
    Here is a screenshot of Khorum Coast being one of the most popular land areas in February 2019 (2019-02-09 / 20:17:57)
    [33,000 PED total loot for the last 7 days]:

    I’m interested in PEDs, CLDs and some items.
    I’m in no hurry to sell.

    Starting price: 250,000 PED
    Buyout: 300,000 PED

    I won’t respond to offers below 200,000 PED.
    If you have any questions, please drop me a pm here on the forum as I’m not ingame very often. It might take a day or two for me to respond.

    This is not a price-check thread. If you want to discuss the value of land areas create a new thread in the price-check section.

  2. Granny Rowan

    Granny Rowan Active Member

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    Sorry to hear that RL work is stopping play (how inconsiderate of it), but hope all goes well and has a positive outcome.
    Shame you have to sell this lovely LA, as I know you had fun running it, and myself and others have had fun hunting there and doing your events.

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