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Kashim´s everything goes services

Discussion in 'Services' started by Kashim, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Kashim

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    The services i offer are as follows

    TAXI SERVICE - I own a Gungnir MKI and got all the TP´s in Arkadia, so i will be wherever you want to start. If u want a TP-Run, a drive to the next hunting place in middle of nowhere or just chillin while sightseeing the area, i´m your man.
    What to pay?
    Well it depends on how long/far you want to fly like a taxi, but im sure you will be happy.

    FAP SERVICE - I use the Arkadia TT Gyro Fap-2 to aid your epic battles against the evil Oro´s.
    What to pay?
    It´s free - I just want the decay for my fapping device.

    MINING SERVICE - I use the Arkadia TT-Finder TerraMaster1.
    What i want!
    The decay for the Finder and Driller.
    Global 5% and HoF, Tower, ATH 10%.
    What you want!
    A detailed Mining Log so you can see what i did there.
    A lucky me with big TT-Return.
    TT < 25% i pay the difference.
    You choose where I mine or you let me loose!

    Tip me for great Justice!

    Just pm me, post or chat me ingame for great delivery
    So long, Kashim