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K.I.S.S. warp services

Discussion in 'Services' started by Granny Rowan, Apr 29, 2020.

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    Kronan Interplanetary Spaceship Services

    Scheduled Warp Services.
    MS Kronan departs Arkadia daily at 00:30 EU
    Price 10ped for any or all stops on the schedule
    (if 2 or more 'at request' stops wanted an additional 5ped charged)
    Subscription prices also available http://http://kronan-ms.info/prices//

    VIP Warps.
    VIP warp services with
    Pathfinder III
    Pathfinder IX
    Pathfinder XIV
    Pathfinder XVIII
    Starfinder X

    Single warp 20ped each additional warps 15 ped each
    Please keep in mind if the ship is not already at your planet of departure that it may take two(2) Warps
    For further information and who to contact see our website

    Repair Skilling
    Free access to repair skilling on MS Kronan
    At Arkadia 7 days a week.
    Come join the fun, meet our Parrot & check out our in-flight cuisine.
    To join the guestlist PM Granny Rowan Render in-game

    Contact any of the following to be linked with nearest available pilot
    Granny Rowan Render
    Chorbal Bal Balikian
    Cypherman Cypherman Cypherman
    Anny Divine Thundergirl
    Kenji Ganzo Hiroshi (Pathfinder IX)
    Titus SoReal Magnusson (Equus)

    or come to our webchat
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