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Hunting Jori Hunting Bug

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by AlexSolo, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. AlexSolo

    AlexSolo Member

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    its currently possible to hunt Jori without defense cost.

    In the video you can see me killing Jori.

    The first kill shows me swimming above the ground and the Jori I shoot at attacks me like it should be.

    Before the second kill I swim down so my avatar hits the ground. While being at the ground the Jori I shot at does not attack me.

    On the third kill you can see me swimming above the ground and the Jori starts to move towards me. While it moves towards me I swim to the ground and the Jori stops as soon I hit the ground. I have all time in the world to finish it without being attacked.


    It seems everytime the avatar is as close to the ground it can get the Joris dont attack anymore and stop moving.
    I tried it at different places and its possible at all locations where Joris are at.

    Maybe some Mob-AI issue.

  2. Gewitter

    Gewitter Active Member

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    A year ago, I wrote about this method of hunting (standing on the sea ground) in Planet Calypso support (for the Leviathan). Support said that this method of hunting is exploit and can be punished with ban. I do not recommend you to do so, and even more so to share the video.
  3. Neil

    Neil Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    Send in a support case. I doubt there's anything the A-team can do about it since it's a platform issue (especially since it looks like the same thing happens on Calypso).

    Thanks for sharing, I always wondered how people were hunting levis without getting attacked. I can understand MA ignoring the issue if it was just jori--it's not as if they're massive HP mobs that cause a lot of armor decay--but I'm surprised they haven't done anything to fix the Levis which I'm sure add up to significant decay over the course of a year