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I'm a Lumberjack & I'm OK - Series 3

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Louise Ranavolana Brooks, Jan 11, 2019.

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    Decided to split rather that add to previous thread.

    There is PvP 3 near to Fort Argus and as you follow the forest around you will enter it (you get that ominous sound when you do) – being 3 it is not a lootable area and you will be able to use the radar.

    Its biggest drawback is that you cannot spawn a vehicle in it; the forest goes around the base and up the hill on the north side – by that time you should have a load of timber & unless you have anti gravity containers, will be reduced to slowly walking, it will take ages to walk to the stage where you can spawn a vehicle(s), load its inventory & send it to planetary storage. So it is important to have sent back to storage all timber by the time you are east of Argus.

    A small but nevertheless real problem is that you can be killed by other players. While PvP can be exciting & challenging as a contest between experienced players who are both involved – it can be an aggravating experience when you come across a player who think they are playing Doom or Fortnite & their poor little ape brains have decided to add your scalp to their collection without any consideration of how you feel.

    If you see a red dot in your vicinity it is most probably one of the majority of players who are going about their own business. Maybe they will be curious as to what you are up to & having seen, will go on their way.

    But, be aware of others, and if it seems that you are being stalked, you have a choice, just move away & on to non PvP (there are plenty of harvestables there) – or, if you decide to make a contest of it, make sure you have rechecked your move to target box (or whatever you need 2 do, I suck at PvP). Kiss any idea of profit goodbye in wasting ammo to achieve....what?

    By now you will have returned to the south entrance.

    Go inside tt wood & worn L Terratechs, repair and then go back & look to the south. Far in the distance you will see a line, a server boundary I assume, where desert meets vegetation. Down the plateau where Argus sits you will see a road leading in the middle distance to a series of low rolling hills running E to W and along them red vegetation – these are alien trees with forked branches & red ginko type leaves. The road is infested with snots, exerasaurs and merps so unless you want to add their scalps to any challenge you are doing – its simpler to just fly. When you come to the area on the W side will tend to be the others, on the E side of the road will be those aggravating merps – move along the trees from W to E, there are a lot of harvestable trees – you will need to sort the merps as you go for they won’t leave you alone.

    Keep heading E till you see gibnibs – and if you see what look like the tops of giant stone penises poking through the ground, you have gone too far (don’t forget to add waypoints to the map).

    So, head S till you reach the next stand of trees & work along them to the E. Keep doing that – and eventually the land becomes hilly & trees start not being harvestable. You will see giant alien vegetation that looks like a stick of celery stuck through a segmented tomato covered in a reptilian skin & with scrotums hanging down (where do the designers of the MA scenery get their ideas from ? )

    When you come across Maffoids & Cornacaudas you have reached the end – you will probably be killed & revive at an outpost in the middle of nowhere. So hop in your vehicle & fly S, across the desert – and at the other side will be nestled at the bottom of hills some Shangri La that nobody has visited (don’t you believe it) with two types of alien trees guarded with L3 tameable Cornacaudas.

    One tree looks like a birch broom – the other is an earth type tree with harvestable ones having much paler foliage. From here on mobs get progressively harder – you will eventually die & revive at another hopeless outpost in the middle of nowhere – easier to fly to Aegis Mound & on the way there note those harvestable trees standing out from the forest.

    Taman Shud