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IFP - Interplanetary Flight Platform

Discussion in 'Tools & Utilities' started by Ido, Dec 13, 2011.

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    Interplanetary Flight Platform
    IFP the platform for pilots and passengers

    This website is built for the passengers, to help them find the cheapest ride easily and to aid their travel through space. This system is also built for the pilots, to help them advertise and get customers, and save their time from typing in the chat channel. I built this system for all of you, but you have to decide if its built for you.
    -Ido Starlit Sunrider​

    Welcome to the Interplanetary Flight Platform, the IFP is a system for passangers to find pilots and pilots to advertis their service. Its ment to be used all across space in Entropia Universe by everyone. If you are a passenger you can select the planet you are on , then choose a pilot you would like to fly with. If you are a pilot you can download a special written tool where you can set your prices and get notified when a passenger selects to fly with you.

    I welcome everyone to try this platform out. I hope you will enjoy it.

    Best Regards
    Ido Sunrider

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