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IFN Bases Changes During Events

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by SallyBridges, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. SallyBridges

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    Loving the attacks that we keep getting can't wait to see oratan at its prized position of #1 on the ATH

    there seam to be players spawning vehicles to make everyone run out of the bases to get to the bigger mobs could there not be remodelling work changes to bases for future events / attacks.

    My suggestions would be

    1) have a tunnel going out with angled sides comming from the front of the tunnel back to the base so that players are forced to go through the tunnel to the big mobs

    2) have smaller tunnels going towards different maturities as there are some nice mixes out in the open field but mostly everyone is going through the main exit and goin for the larger mobs

    3) have some dug outs / sand bag areas groups can take aim from and have spawns of mobs setup to attack these might give your healer more fun to move around as well :)

    4) have a working ifn medical unit / revive close to the dugout with a couple of tents / temporary structures around it so larger mobs can be split over a bigger area and spawned at that location a hospital / kitchen :)

    5) have working pub so we can all have a drink after the event :) or catch a cold drink during the event ( couldn't resist the joke )

    Can't wait for the next attack

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