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Hunting Supply for Crafters

Discussion in 'Crafting' started by Ahrotahn, May 3, 2016.

  1. Ahrotahn

    Ahrotahn Member

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    New to Arkadia and the game, love it so far, learning a ton. In most games I have met up with crafters to sell items they need and I go find it. At my current level (noob) I am wondering if there is any need/desire for a lower level hunter/supplier.

    I am currently mostly swunting low lvl mobs (Caraboks mostly), but there are several that I can swunt that may have items needed.

    Just wondering if there are any crafters that may use lower level stuff (loot off Oratans, Caraboks, Gallards etc) where we could possibly work together? I currently probably cycle about 10-20 PED daily because I'm slowly swunting. I could pick that up if I had a purchaser for some items and didn't have to holla in Trade all day.

    Any interest? I have also considered crafting some of the items into textures, etc, so maybe that's a consideration.

    I might even toss up a little WP blog with items or something like that just for funsies.

    If no thoughts, I guess it'll prove to be a dumb idea! ;)
  2. Heidi Stassinopolis

    Heidi Stassinopolis Active Member

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    best thing to do is look on the Auction House for orders and see if you can grind enough loot to sell there