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How to operate beauty equipment from the Client’s Perspective:

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by anthonymorris, Feb 3, 2016.

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    So you decided to change your looks in the Entropia Universe, well here is what you will need to know about the new Beauty System in the EU and how it works.

    Step 1 Choosing your Beautician

    There are a few active beauticians working in the Entropia universe I will not mention any names but here is a link to a beauticians list how up to date it is, I cannot confirm. But I personally know a few on the list that are still active. One of the best ways to find a good beautician is to check the forums or ask your friends for referrals. Most long term beauticians will have a website so check them out to see what services they offer and at what prices.

    Comparing prices is probably is probably the most chosen route but by all means don’t forget some beauticians will offer discounts or specials. So don’t think the cheapest beautician is always the best way to go take your time and choose the right beautician since your experience of the beauty process might be influenced by this choice.

    Step 2 Basic Salon Set-ups

    Once you have chosen your beautician it is time to make an appointment and meet them at their shop/apartment. A FULL service salon will have 3 types of equipment/machines:

    - Body Sculpting Unit
    - Hair stylist Chair
    - Face Sculpting Chair

    most of the time you will be directed by the beautician to sit in the proper chair hopefully with this tutorial it will help you recognize the proper chair/unite to sit in. To sit down click on the unite and hit the "Sit Down" action from the drop down menu. To get out of the unit click anywhere on the main screen and hit the "Stand Up".

    Step 3 Interface control panels

    The Beautician will approach you and a control interface will open up looking like the one in fig 1. The only difference in the interfaces is the name (1) (Hair Client, Body Client, or Face Client).

    fig 1 client interface jpeg.jpg (Control interface for Hair styling)

    Once the beautician proposes the controls to you the interface will look like one of these depending on what procedure you choose to do (fig 2 body, fig 3 face, fig 4 hair).
    fig 2 customer view 1.jpg fig 3 client face.jpg
    fig 4 client hair.jpg

    Notice they all have separate tabs:

    Body interface has; head, hair, torso, arms, waist, legs, fitness, skin

    Face interface has; face, forehead, ears, eyes, iris, eyebrows, nose, mouth, cheek, jaw, chin, skin

    Hair interface has; hair tab, color tab

    Each one of these tabs will change some part of your avatar if the beautician has the skill to perform the procedure it will look like fig 5 if they do not it will look like fig 6:
    fig 5 customer 1.jpg fig 6 customer 2.jpg

    Remember most beauticians will skill daily to unlock different procedures so if they don’t have it open today they might have it open tomorrow. We will go deeper into detail about these in step 4.

    Step 4 Tool Operations

    In this step I will go into detail about how to operate the equipment, the do’s and don’ts, so please bear with me as I explain it to you in detail.

    When the beautician starts the procedure you will see fig 1 above and then when they pass the controls over to you it will look like fig 2, fig 3, fig 4 above. Once you have controls you are free to change whatever you want provided the beautician has the skills to do it.(see fig 6)

    In fig 7 below I will explain what all the different parts of the interface are.
    fig 7 customer view 1.0.jpg

    In fig7

    #1 Will show you what unit you are using

    #2 Will show all the different tabs located on the interface

    #3 Will show the success rate after all the mats are placed in the box

    #4 The propose button use to send the procedure back to the beautician

    #5 Will show you what price you are being charge for the procedure

    #6 Will be the button you push to accept the procedure

    **NOTE** It has been my experience that Entropia has an issue with doing more than one tab at a time, meaning it will fail one or all of the procedures. So to elevate this issue I request that my customers please do one tab at a time. It might take a few second longer but the success rate is better.

    The more procedure you do the more materials that the beautician has to use to get a success. Most experienced beauticians will charge by the tab but you will have to ask what their prices are. When you open a tab like in fig 5 you will see everything that can be changed in that tab, what you do is adjust the bars to fit what changes you wish to have done. Once you have finished your changes you must hit the propose button to send the controls back to the beautician so they can put in the materials needed to perform the procedure. (See fig 7 #4)

    If you hit the Accept button before the beautician adds the proper amount of materials then most likely the procedure will fail. Most beauticians will set the price at 9999.99 ped or the price of the materials just in case you hit the accept tab this will cover the cost of your mistake or stop you completely (unless you have 10kped on your card). Remember once you accept the procedure the materials are gone and the beautician will not get any return on any materials he used, so once they’re gone they’re gone for good so it is important that you listen to your beautician and always propose it back to them first.

    So here is a simplified list of the do’s and the don’ts


    Follow your beautician’s instruction to help the procedure go smoothly.

    Check the price to make sure it is the agreed upon price

    Propose the controls back to your beautician so they can add the materials

    Hit the accept button once the controls are sent back to you if all is correct like the price and the success rate should be in the upper 90%


    Change more than one tab at a time

    Try to sneak in procedure the beautician will know (most take screen shots)

    Hit the accept button before proposing it back to the beautician so they can add the mats needed

    Get upset if the procedure fails

    Step 5 The New you or the Oh NO! It failed

    If all goes well as soon as you hit accept your changes will be final, and the ped will automatically be taken from your ped card so there is no need to pay the beautician directly, unless you choose the tip your beauty professional. Sometimes the procedure will fail regardless of the skills of the beautician. Since the system is based on MA randomness it might happen that the procedure fails or is just a partial success the highest success rate is 99% ma keeps that 1% just in case it does fail. Don’t be alarmed the beautician should redo the procedure for free. Ma will enforce a .01 pec fee that must be paid by you to do the procedure again it is an MA requirement not a beautician requirement.

    It might take a few attempts but the procedure will succeed and you will be able to keep the new look. In most cases as said earlier you would have paid for the procedure with the first attempt and you will be all set and ready to go.

    Step 6 You are done simple advice for you

    Now that you are done you may sport your new styles and remember most beauticians have spent thousands of ped to either buy the skill or use mats to skill naturally. So it takes years to get enough skills to perform many procedure and haircuts. Like any other profession in the EU it takes a long time and a lot of ped to get good at it so don’t expect to get it for free.

    If you hunt or mine you want to sell your goods to recoup your ped spent. You don’t just give them away if someone ask you for them, this is the same way with a beautician. The materials they use cost ped and they get 0% back even if the procedure fails. It’s not like crafting/coloring/ or texturing where you get 90% return on what you used, once you use it you lose it.

    It has 0% return so this is the only profession where you take 100% loss on all fails and 100% loss on all successes. Once the mats are use you have to replace them understand that the prices a beautician charges will vary, subject to how much they pay for material.

    Closing Words

    This tutorial was written by Anthony Ranger Morris owner of Angels of Arkadia Beauty Salon located at Celeste harbor shop #2 on Arkadia. I buy all beauty materials (body fat, skin color set, hair color set, eye color set, hair spray, hair gel, metallic bone replacement) which I pay a set price for. This allows me to keep my prices low as well as the cost to purchase, I have suppliers who sell to me exclusively and for that loyalty my suppliers enjoy a substantial discount on any work done to them. So if you would like to become a supplier please message me and I can add you to the list.
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    One more really nice guide, just like the one you made for service providers! :)

    Thanks for sharing! :)
  3. Starkiller

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    Well done, will be using it to direct people when they have doubts on the system :) Gets a bit tiring when having the explain it to everyone

    Seems like MA doesn't wish to repair the profession further hehe
  4. anthonymorris

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    lol I know but you know it is a little better, atleast we can do the facial hair again like eyebrows. I think of it as a work in progress.
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  5. Starkiller

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    Still needs work like a marker for changes done, and change history... And those are already implemented on character creation to some extent :)

    But we digress, great guides! Good job! and thannk you, I was meaning to do one myself but didn't cause I lacked the effort hehe