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How I Found Arkadia - A Few Thoughts

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by DaveFoz, Jul 20, 2011.

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    Well let me start by saying that I have been a long term player of the Platform and mainly Caly for the last 4 years now. However due to work commitments I was not able to get on to any planet till 2 weeks ago on a brief holiday from my current work location.

    As while I had read about Arkadia from other sources (Soc Mates, other forums etc) I decided that during my last 2 weeks I have come to love Arkadia and this forum.

    To the David and Developers, what can I say, you have done a great job with your planet. the countryside is fantastic to look at. The Mobs are fun to hunt, and the mining is great. You have really pulled out all the stops with how the planet looks and feels. I like the idea of the different Forebases with their acadamies and the digsite TPs that really puts a nice "We have just arrived feel" on the planet out in the field. The cities while not complex (Thank god, to complex = to much lag) are open and look lovely. The set out is great, but with a few minor tweaks, (Such as the landing area being discussed in another thread on here for the entry point from space) I can see great promise in a lot of these places to be come hubs for trade and just social as well.

    The limited quests you have at the time of writing (Find the students and Oro Challenge) give great possiblity for the future for story line quests rather than just grinds. (Mind you I do like a grind quest once in a while as well)

    I have found the hunting and mining mostly more fun here. (Even though I have some fair skills in mining i truely suck at it on Caly) I have found a lot of TPs by just grabbing Bombs going to a TP i do have and just running in a random direct till I am either dead cause i do not normaly take ammo on mining runs, or I have run out of Probes and press T and see where i end up. These long mining runs means i get to see the night cycle and man is the sky well worth a look as well.

    On another side of the coin you have implimented if not yet started in game Treasure hunting skill. (If this goes live in the AUg update then I will have to wait till October to sample it due to going back to work away from a good connection for a couple more months). Something new you have bought to the party. Another great plus for Arkadia indeed.

    David, You and Cyrus are very active on this forum and giving quick responses where you can to questions raised by the community and for that alone you have my high praise. I know that due to the nature of the way things work you cannot spill everything to us, but even when it is something you cannot tell us, at least you have given that as an answer rather than something a little more lame. Straight talking is so much more prefered, even if then answer is something we do not like, at least we get a "cannot say an answer to that" rather than being left hanging. Also I have heard that you do log in to game and go and talk to people, while I have not been around for that, again another great plus, keep it up and don't let these appearances wither away. From those Avi's that have more or less moved lock stock to Arkadia will appriciate this alot, as well as giving you vital and upto date feed back for you and your team as well.

    And Finally I would like to add that you have impressed alot of people with what you have created here. seeing the Old time and famous Avi's about on Arkadia and not just for a fleeting visit hunt just shows what a great job Arkadia is all round.

    For now I will have to wait again now till the very end of Sep beginning of Oct before I can again step on the soil of Arkadia. With hopefully a great Aug update I reall cannot wait for that day to come.

    Stay Safe to everyone out there in the real world and Good lUck in what every you are doing on Arkadia.

    Damn Missing the place already
    AKA Davina Kitty Cat
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