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History of Lezardine

Discussion in 'Other Fiction' started by Lezardine, Aug 13, 2015.

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    I woke up again...
    Each time is the same, but in a different way... thoughts confused...
    Need regen chip assistance... will be better in a few days...

    As always, the waking after a deep cryo sleep period is awful. But at the same time it is each time different.
    One time you have head aches for weeks, another time you puke all day for week, the third time you feel reborn the very moment you open your eyes...
    This time I had to take an anti-toxic shot. I felt as if my body was rejecting something it accumulated during my sleep.
    Life's a bitch, but she's great also!
    So many variables... true entropy!

    The only constant is the question. THAT question.
    "Will Lootius be compassionate with me this time around?"

    A few days have passed since I was reborn... again... I can now start to check my gear.
    A quick look on the networks will give me a rough image of the current situation on the planet. How has the situation evolved, with the wild beast, the savage Oratans and those smugglers bastards...
    I guess the fact that I was able to wake up means humans are still out there struggling for their piece of paradise.
    Maybe I should report to some firebase and see if I can be of any help...

    On a side note, this time I had some kind of dreams in my sleep. Weird, normally the cerebral functions are disabled in deep cryo sleep. I remember that it was very vivid, but don't remember what it was about. It's a little confusing, but let's say it's just dreams for now.
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