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High end Arkadian Armour, not enough dropping?

Discussion in 'Armour' started by Few Scars, Oct 14, 2013.

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    Hey guys

    Seems Perseus (L) has become a very popular high end armour for many players. I always see someone wearing a set somewhere. What is missing from Arkadia are the high end UL armour sets. We saw the Dune rider parts dropping from the instances which is a nice Angel equivalent, but the beast of Arkadian armour, the Dark knight of Arkadia still has only dropped 2 parts. I would expect we should see a few sets of this great armour by now.

    So really what I am asking the dev team, if the community agrees is to see either Dark Knight of Arkadia armour sets be given out as prizes or start dropping it in normal loot. The Golden Key runs are not showing any signs of being cheaper to do so if you dont get a nice piece or armour then the loss is huge. Realistically if you are spending 7-10Kped on a golden key, you need to loot a few pieces of Dune rider or DKOA parts each run, which would be unsustainable. So the Ark dev team need to make the Golden key parts much much more common, especially the codex so that key costs come down to less than 1000Ped TT or the Ark team guarantee Dune rider and DKOA parts for every Golden run, which would be silly.

    I think that if the Ark dev team wants to keep DKOA armour for the golden key runs, then we need to see something like Perseus UL or better dropping in the normal loots. This year I have seen Angel, Shadow, Supremacy parts dropping on Caly and they continue to drop. These high end UL armour parts caters for players who wish to own UL armour and tier it up. Arkadia may be trending to bonded avatar armour which I have conceeded allows more players to get a set like the Gremlin equivalent Viceroy, but as every owner of Viceroy knows, its bonded and the TIRs on the parts you are stuck with are permanent, no trading for better parts etc.

    It is a concern that DKOA is not available and the potential alternative high end sets will only be bonded sets. I am sure the Ark population will handle a few more sets of DKOA or UL Perseus sets :) I really dont want to buy a set of Shadow armour when I really want a set of DKOA or Perseus UL.

    What does the community think?


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