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Hello Entropia and specially Arkadians

Discussion in 'Greetings' started by Knarre, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. Knarre

    Knarre New User

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    I landed on Ark last week,
    They left me with a gold starter pack at celeste quarry.
    I made my way down to celeste harbor, threw all my nice loot from the gold pack in the storage and startet swunting with the tt longsword.

    Now Im thinking about the next 10.000k carabok swunting, would it be better to craft my own longswords or am i going better with buying them fromm the TT?

    People talk about gettin fast skills while repairing on MS`s with RK-5 and welding wire.

    How can i get on a Mothership for work?

    How many Tools and wires(PED) do i need for 1 month à 4-8 hours a day?

    Are terminals on a Mothership so i can test my new craft skills?

    Would it be better for me, trying to get a small smuggler sword like manta K5(wich i could tier now, and learn with it) for thousands of PED or stuck with TT swords? at what point is it better the go with the smuggler?

    hope i have a bright future with lots of nice friend on Ark
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  2. SallyBridges

    SallyBridges Adviser Arkadia Adviser

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    I would suggest finding a mentor in game and becoming a disciple.

    When you then complete the program and reach L10 in a profession then you will receive a free Armour and also a 4 x 4 vehicle.
    Musca Adjusted Armour - If you have a new starter pack then this armour will also offer you better protection in the future.

    There are many things to do in game and there are a fair amount of hidden skills that are available. Listed below.

    My suggestion would be to make sure that any weapon that you use is 5 professional standings above the recommended level.
    This then allows you to play more economically and will make your peds last longer.

    If your wanting to skill mellee then philo swords from Next Island / OR The Auction can be picked up reasonable priced and should be +1 or + 2 ped.

    Hidden Skills

    Combat - Ranged
    Marksmanship - Level 10 in any ranged (Hit OR Dmg) profession
    Ranged Damage Assessment - Level 18 in any ranged (Dmg) profession

    Combat - Melee
    Martial Arts - Level 20 in any melee (Hit) profession
    Melee Damage Assessment - Level 18 in any melee (Dmg) profession

    Combat - Any
    Spacecraft Systems - Level 05 in Gunner (Hit) or Level 40 in any (Hit) profession
    Serendipity - Level 30 in any profession it contributes to (HP increase every 1600 points)
    Coolness - Level 40 in any (Hit) profession (HP increase every 400 points)
    Wounding - Level 45 in any (Dmg) profession

    Combat Sense - Level 50 in any (Hit) profession (HP increase every 800 points)
    Commando - Level 70 in any (Hit) profession (HP increase every 200 points)
    Kill Strike - Level 80 in any (Dmg) profession
    Deep Space Knowledge - Level 45 Gunner (Dmg)

    Beauty Sense - Level 20 in any Beauty profession
    Quality Sense - Level 35 in any Beauty Profession, Material Designer, Tailor

    Material Extraction Methodology - Level 05 Material Manufacturer
    Blueprint Comprehension - Level 10 in any engineering profession
    Enhancer Technology - Level 20 Tier Upgrader or Enhancer Manufacturer
    Equipment Methodology - Level 40 in any equipment engineering profession
    Manufacture Methodology - Level 40 in any (non-equipment) engineering profession
    Industrialist - Level 60 in any engineering profession

    Avoidance - Level 25 Evader or Dodger
    Quickness - Level 55 Evader
    Intuition - Level 80 Evader

    Medicine - Level 20 Paramedic
    Treatment - Level 25 Paramedic
    Medical Therapy - Level 50 Paramedic
    Doctor - Level 75 Paramedic

    Power Catalyst - Level 15 Any Mindforce (Hit or Dmg)/Biotropian/Reviver/Telepath
    Ethereal Soul Language - First successful Resurrection (Level 14 Biotropic)
    Mindforce Harmony - Level 51 Any Mindforce (Hit) or (Dmg)
    Force Merge - Level 65 Electro Kinetic (Hit) or (Dmg)

    Ground Assessment - Level 12 Prospector or Surveyor
    Extraction - Level 15 Miner or Driller
    Archaeological Lore - Level 15 Treasure Hunter
    Mineral Sense - Level 30 Prospector or Surveyor
    Miner - Level 50 in any mining profession
    Drilling Expertise - Level 60 Miner

    Material Comprehension - Level 05 Material Designer
    Fashion Design - Level 15 Colorer or Tailor
    Surface Composition - Level 20 Material Designer/Manufacturer

    Skilling on a Space Craft

    You can often find ship owners that will allow you to skill i would suggest doing this later on in game unless you want to invest a lot of peds in to game and become a serious crafter - you will need loot / mining claims / to then craft and again one reason to skill on a ship is to unlock blueprint comprehension and you would need some where to sell your items.

    If your hunting carabock then you could always save the hides and turn them in to crafted items / textures this will then give you skills without having to fly up to a mother ship they might gain at a slower pace but you will then be turning your old loot in to manufactured items.

    You might like to use the following site if you want to craft as this has tools for what items you have for blueprints - if you dont have a blue print then they can sometimes be picked up from the auction.


    If your also hunting and are able to save items then there is also the Viceroy Armour mission That requires the following loot.

    Arm Guards (Mission 1)
    2000 Corria Veneer
    100 Soft Leather
    400 Paint Can (Yellow)
    100 Electronic Stabilizing Component
    800 Animal Oil Residue

    Foot Guards (Mission 2)
    2000 Miluca Veneer
    300 Socket II Component
    100 Paint Can (Brown)
    900 Animal Oil Residue
    1000 Blazar Fragment

    Gloves (Mission 3)
    2000 Miluca Veneer
    200 Socket I Component
    100 Paint Can (Green)
    1000 Nova Fragments
    700 Animal Oil Residue

    Harness (Mission 4)
    3000 Hekia Veneer
    1100 Generic Leather
    3000 Paint Can (Orange)
    1000 Animal Muscle Oil
    2100 Animal Oil Residue

    Shin Guards (Mission 5)
    2000 Arkace Veneer
    40 Wool Thread
    200 Animal Thyroid Oil
    700 Animal Oil Residue
    70000 Explosive Projectiles

    Thigh Guards (Mission 6)
    2000 Corria Veneer
    50 Wool Cloth
    100 Animal Adrenal Oil
    700 Animal Oil Residue
    70000 Explosive Projectiles

    Helmet (Mission 7)
    2200 Arkace Veneer
    220 Socket III Component
    440 Animal Eye Oil
    800 Animal Oil Residue
    40 Tier I Component

    This is another Arkadian Armour and offers nice protection and if or hunting and can save the loot up over time then it is a nice reward.

    Good Luck and Have Fun ;)
  3. Painwrecker

    Painwrecker Member

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    holy cow Sal, this has to be one of the most complete replies to a question in the history of forums! well done!:hail:


  4. atomicstorm

    atomicstorm Platinum Member Platinum Member

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    If you need a mentor, hit me up in game: Meloveyou Longtime Fivedolla.

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