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Greetings and EU Rant!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Acehazbin, Jan 22, 2017.

Are you happy with the direction Mindark is taking Entropia Universe?

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  1. Acehazbin

    Acehazbin Member

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    Hello ya'll i've been a long time player i first learned about EU back in 2001(Project Entropia) when looking for free to play games. The second i learned that i needed to put money in to hunt i moved on. Few years later i wound up relearning of the game in 2005 from reading about NEVERDIE buying CND.

    With my first account i was able to put a total of $80 in and was able to mine/hunt with profit but i found the game to be stale with no real questing or story..stoped played a few years, lost alot of Vig armor and amps that skyrocketed in price...quit for a few more years, later started my second account put in $300~ got a tower of 7k while mining. lost about 3k of it con crafting then quit for a while. got an email about the new cryengine coming soon. loged in every now and then while i waited for the update.. Updates hits and i go from making 90%~ TT while mining and but-loads of profit after markup to 44% returns of list. after draining my ped card i began to cannibalize my skills, losing all my skills and peds i quit.

    Saw the news about NEVERDIE selling CND to make a planet.. then see rocktopia a theme park that didnt interest me. i came back after seeing how much content the developers of Arkadia began to pump out. a successor to Caly or so i thought...

    I enjoyed the game, still do. still seeing all the old ubers still around is nice. NEVERDIE and Buzz are really the only reason why i keep playing. i remember fondly of them crafting ore amps at the same time almost as if competing. Also pushes me forward to try doing more things in the game. i went from only ever hunting snables/combos and mining, to crafting mining (+ AUD) and hunting mobs all over Arkadia.

    But the same stale feeling is creeping up on me. all missions are kill an insane amount of X. how is doing the same mission for months on end fun? why do all events that MA/ARK do the same format? whats up with the gold rush going from a awesome event to a lame 6 month slog. look at all the rewards giving out during MM this year... i understand its in part due to MA screwing planet partners out of any real power. but REALLY?

    MA wants to make a platform and not only compete with PP but also make PP compete with each other.

    MA needs to change the revenue share to favor PP and take a look at sports teams in the US. an example : 30% MA 60% PP 10% shared only among PP. if the person joined thanks to you, you split profit with the other PP: 30MA/PP1 30% PP2 30% 10% shared.(<just an example! i have no idea whats fair!)

    Each PP should have voting rights in how MA develops the platform based on how many users they have on planet or how many they bring in and manage to keep. As it is now the powers that be at MA are idiots for making a new game, and now trying to add VR into a shit craptastic game engine.. does anyone at MA have any knowledge of gaming or whats fun/enjoyable?

    VR is a goddam expensive gimmick.. as of now with current VR tech thats all it really is. perhaps when the resolution gets better and the price drops it would be worth it. but theres so many systems in EU that are crippling, and i think most of that is due to the way they see PP as a revenue source rather then actual partners.

    Incase anyone wonders what spurred me to post this rant i was thinking of moving over to Rocktopia and the realizing how much the auction transport fees screw over smaller PP and players. Then remembering that NEVERDIE was at one point buying stuff from players to stimulate the dead economy then he had to stop(?). The Auction system needs to change to universe wide with the option of sorting by planet specific goods (ores,armor,weapons etc.)

    Sorry if this was to long, but i have grown completely disenfranchised with EU as MA seemingly have no clue about whats best for the players/users of EU which directly impacts PP and longevity of the game.​
  2. Sijtje

    Sijtje Member

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    Yes, most missions are indeed kill missions, but not only Arkadia but also on Calypso they have been working hard on improving that. There are several missions on both planets that give you a little bit of story and new places to visit. (mostly new player missions, but I certainly have enjoyed myself doing them) Although, I believe a big portion of the players are hunters, even small ones, which gives it a bit of reason why hunting missions and events continue on as the main activities of missions and events.

    No one but the PP's and MA know exactly what goes on behind the curtain. There is no way of telling if something like this is already happening, like a democratic voting system of content, or that it is every cannibal for themselves.

    If I go in-depth into this answer it might take me a while to type it up. But the tldr; they are trying but in some cases they are going at it the wrong way.
    Personally I know the Arkadia devs are working very hard to have a well oiled planet. They listen to a lot of players, read the forums actively and try to make the best of it. MA still haves control over certain things (which honestly some I don't know about) and I'm afraid that will never change.

    Last but not least, welcome to the Arkadia forums and Planet Arkadia. I hope this time around you will have more enjoyment in playing the game. Don't get discouraged, if all 'normal' activities fail there are still a lot of people around to have a nice chat with, explore, team hunt and what-not.
  3. mastermesh

    mastermesh Active Member

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    agree with most points, but I am on rt now and plan to stay a long while now that I have an apartment there... What I love about RT (hated at first) was that the server was massively downsized so ND Studios could afford the monthly server rent to MA... This helped shrink the planet to about half of the size it was, which compacted the planet enormously... It's fantastic because you can get from point a to point b in half of the time you used to have... makes everything from hunting to mining to just exploring way the hell easier since you cut your travel time in half... Want to jump to something to tame, just hop over to the pantha ridge... no running for a long time from tp to the spawn like there is on other planets... want to mine, tp over to where you want to mine and get it done... want to hunt, just tp over to where the spawn is and hop on it in seconds, not minutes... auction fees do suck, I agree... but each planet has it's own little economy that is starting to develop slowly.

    Someday I WILL buy an apartment or shop on Arkadia, but it'll take a few years before I get ready to go full stream in to that sort of commitment. (wish they had offerings like they got here on RT - where one single apartment has 400 item points, and most shops have similar huge amount of points).
  4. Few Scars

    Few Scars Administrator Staff Member PAF Administrator Arkadia Adviser

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    If you have some suggestions on missions, design the mission, the steps and rewards. Then PM Dylan to pass it on to the Ark design team. Remember there are two ways to get really high end items, either cycling a tonne of PED to win the prize or being patient to reap the reward.
    Like the Oratan Payback missions, once you reach a certain level, you get the reward of the UL Dropship!

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