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Estates Graphics lag at Celeste Harbour

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Few Scars, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Few Scars

    Few Scars Administrator Staff Member PAF Administrator Arkadia Adviser

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    Hi Dev team

    Can there be something done about the graphics lag at Celeste Harbour. It is the most dense place pixel wise on Arkadia, yet you walk into a shop and the ground and walls vanish as everything slowly spawns. I am running a very spec PC on high settings and this is the only place in Arkadia it occurs.

    Maybe remove the water from under neath the harbour? I am not sure how you reduce the graphic engine demand of Celeste but it is an issue visually.

  2. Hodges

    Hodges Member

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    I believe the entire map has water under it on all planets so that the whole planet has the same "sea level" and the land is built up above it. I don't know exactly how it's all built and coded, but I'm sure it needs to be that way for a reason.

    As for the lag in the Quarry, I've been noticing it more after the update myself. It was suggested that it was only the avatars doing it because of the new changes needing to be cached locally, but I did a little testing and that doesn't appear to be the case. I can be around new avatars just fine. When I get closer to the back side of the quarry, especially when facing it, that's when my lag is at its worst. There seems to be something in that area causing the lag, whether it's graphical or something else.

    Edit: I was tired when I typed this. I confused Harbour with Quarry. Sorry about that. I do notice lag in the Harbour as well, though. Most of the lag I've seen there has been near the crafting building or whatever it is and also around the other building over the little bridge.

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