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Watch This Gold Rush 2014 - Auction postponed

Discussion in 'Company Events' started by Mathias | Arkadia, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. Mathias | Arkadia

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    All the Gold Rush auction threads have now been closed as some of you already noticed, the reason behind it is that the Aakas instances is now turned off. And as main source of Arkoins we feel the correct way to handle the situation is to suspend the Arkoin auctions for now.

    The reason the Aakas instances is turned off you can read about in this thread:
    Humble Pie – Gold Rush - Hunting Division 2014 – Official Statement

    The Auction will continue once the Aakas instances has opened up again. Current bids will not need to be honored, as at that time the Arkoin auctions will be reset, but of course you are all welcome to put in your bids again at that time.

    While Aakas is closed down, you can still prepare yourself for the upcoming restarted Arkoin auction by exploring the Sal'diresh Vaults in the underground to get a head start of the competition in collecting the Arkoins needed.