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For anyone experiencing any graphic issues over last month :D

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Dibbler, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. Dibbler

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    Hi there

    I had a really annoying graphics issue that started maybe a month ago, basically i had done everything recommended on the support site, combed through Nvidea options etc. Just EU seemed affected and was tearing my hair out to what it could be, I've also met other players ingame with issues kinda like that i was experiencing and the same time frame of start.

    Anyway I found the answer so thought i would share for others who may be caught up in the same maddening circle of system checking. I had updated my nvidea driver and of course is now piped through "Nvidea Experience" it had picked up all my games and "optimised" them (but not EU) and the Nvid options panel showed all well. Anyway today's update for Nvid Experience showed that almost all options in Nvid control panel weren't available, checked EU and had same graphic issues, other games it had picked up were fine.

    So what i did was uninstalled all nvidea stuff except the driver, reinstalled new update of Nvidea Experience and now everything is fine.

    Hope helps someone else who may have had this issue


    (sorry mods wasn't sure where to post) :)
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  2. the-unknown

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    Nvidia Experience is something new that Nvidia bundled together with the drivers just about a month ago onwards.

    There have been issues with it since it was released. Not surprised it screwed up again.

    So in short, if you running with an Nvidia GPU, uninstall all nvidia crap except the drivers, just to play safe ;)

    /Offtopic - maybe
    I miss those days, when drivers were more general and they did not have to "optimise" for individual games. Now they "optimise" for some games / engines, and ignore the rest.

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