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[For a research study] Prelooking for a buyer for vixen's loot

Discussion in 'Selling' started by DaughterOfAnarchy, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. DaughterOfAnarchy

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    DoA's descend into madness diary - day T-3

    One of the most repeated advises I got as a newbie in all this Entropia Universe was to go to Rocktropia and hunt the small 10 HP vixen robots, because of their higher-than-average MU on loot (pretty much only the gears, but still).

    And, well, no matter how mind-numbing that may sound and how much I would hate myself for that, I thought to test this myself, spend all my January's playtime hunting vixens after vixens after vixens on Rocktropia then publish the results.

    What that means?
    21 days (I don't play during weekends) * 4-6 hours / day = 84-126 hours * ~240 vixens hour = 20,160 to 30,240 hunted vixens, which I think is more than enough to make it a relevant enough "study" of drop rates, MU and everything else.

    What's the problem then?
    Well, while I have the patience to do that, being a really small depositor, makes funds a bit tight so I don't really afford to neither hoard all month's loot to make it worth for auction, neither just TT loot to keep me going.

    What I'm looking for
    That's why I'm looking for someone willing to "invest" in this "research study" and buy my loot (let's say once per week) at a reasonable rate, to allow me to keep going for the whole month.

    Fair and square
    1. I don't ask for any advance money; I have enough resources to get me started; you are expected to pay only what you get and when you get it.
    2. I don't ask for any special treatment prices; regular going rates or weekly/monthly MU are fair enough for me; I just need a steady buyer to keep me going for the whole month.
    3. I don't expect any "compensations" or "consolations" if the experiment gets wrong and the returns are lower than expected; I'm well aware that I may end up loosing money even hunting this high acclaimed mob.

    Numbers crunching. How much $$$ that means?
    - As said, I expect to hunt between 20,000 and 30,000 vixens during said month;
    - Both theory and practical hunting on similar hp mobs (10 hp caraboks on Ark) show me a cost per kill of about 0.04 to 0.042 pecs;
    - That means that I expect to cycle anything between 800 and 1260 PEDs;
    - Considering an expected return rate of ~90%, that means that my returns should be anywhere between 720 and 1134 PEDs;
    - Considering what I've read all these days of the average loot MU going to 110% to 120%, that means that the total value of my loot should be anywhere between 792 and 1361 PEDs.

    So... anyone interested in vixen's loot, having about that money available on their PED card and willing to support this research study? :)
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  2. San

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    When I was there for several weeks, I got to sell most of the loot to this person:

    Every saturday afternoon an announcement was made in chat with a link to a prepared spreadsheet with stuffs and prices, and everybody got to queue up at CND Lagoon for an hour. This way you need to finance only one week of hunting, not a whole month. Not sure if he/she is still doing it the same way, but I always thought this would be an awesome role model for Arkadians to enable the market here.

    They also use the in-game bank, the "Pawnster", in a rather creative way on RT: You can sell stackables to it by using them as collateral for taking a loan, formally. You just don't pay it back, and after a week the items are taken by the owner. The "big" people there are in cahoots with each other and will trade it around. The things which are wanted are set with a markup above 100% tt, you can easily find them in the banking interface. Prices are lower, but it works any time if you need to get rid of stuff.

    I didn't like the square next to the club where most people swunt the Vixens, plenty of folks there are ignorant or outright rude and stealing your mob all the time. If you are just slightly above puny level, you can find more Vixen by the side across the water or all along Studio Road in increasing levels.

    There is a lot more hilarious and rewarding stuff to do with beginner skills, like beating up thugs, forum trolls or zombies. Acquiring the missions takes some running around and searching, and yes you shouldn't be too squeamish about morals. It's all just pixels and fun, no real person gets their rights violated. There are tutorials on the web, I don't have the links right now but they are easy to find. Signing up to the planet chat channel is also helpful. Good luck!
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