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Flowers & Plants

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by Bear, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Bear

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    Looking at Arkadia i see the most potential of all EU Planets. Not because its better, but here and there you see a glimpse of true love in the design.

    I know that Arkadia is bound to the system given by MA (SEE VW or whatever..) but maybe Arkadia can put some pressure on them.
    Just having an expencive point & click will not work anymore. Free games with virtual economy is no show off anymore and will be quite normal in a few year from now.
    So lets add some depth to the game :)
    I deeply hope that Ozi and his Team can make a really special place out of Arkadia! :eek:

    Here is my first "Wishlist" - Flowers & Plants

    1. Vases, Pots should be lootable or craftable
    This does not need much explaination i think.
    2. All "new" flowers and Plants are "limited"
    The limited aspect of Plants and Flowers should be a little differently then the current implemented system.
    A flower or Plants has a limited life-time. Especialy if one does not take care of them. The "use" aspect is the existence of the Plant itself.
    Flowers or Plants need to be "watered" and will need fertilizer.
    Potted Plants or Flowers might grow (Tier System). Thus, after a certain amount of watering and fertilizing a Plant reaches a new Tier and can be upgraded to the next visual level (size for example)
    IF a flower or Plants is not watered and fertilzed, it will decay the tier levels till it dies.

    Example (Flower X)

    lvl ___TT _____days to live without care _________Ped (decay/days) for next lvl
    1 ____ 5 _____________10 _________________________5 /10
    2 ___ 10 _____________20_________________________ 10 /20
    3 ___ 15 _____________30 _________________________15 /30
    4 ___ 20 _____________60 _________________________20 /60
    5 ___ 25 ____________120 _________________________25 /120
    6 ___ 30 ____________240 _________________________30 /240

    In this example the Flower X would need 10+20+30+60+120+240= 480 day to reach level 6 and a total amount of 100 PED (10+15+20+25+30)
    In 480 days and with 1k of this kind of flower it would generate 10.000 US$ decay (In the process of full care / Tiering).

    Some Plants will die and the circle of collecting (see No. 3) & crafting (see No.4) will start again.
    3. Collecting Mother-Plants
    In order to craft new Plants or Flowers one will need "mother-plants" so you can breed new plants from branches. Collected Plants would simply be a kind of blueprint - Limited and with a number of attempts.
    Some Plants or flowers could be used as normal rescource for crafting (Herb-Box?)
    Certain flowers and plants should be collectable like stones or dung, others might only be detectable with devices.
    Those devices could (should) be scanners: Some plants and flowers should be possible to scan. Scanning sould be limited either by time or scanning attempts. If scanning of a flower takes 60sec. it would not
    be wise to just autoscan all day. If scanning is limited to a few attempts for each plant a player can be forced to search for a new scanable plant.
    Scanning gives skills in Biology, Botany and side skills such as Analysis and Computer.
    A scanned plant might reveal itself as collectable and thus be able to be collected /looted.
    To keep it simple, consider such plants as "mobs" which do not move and will be killed if successfully scanned as collectable.
    4. Crafting Potted Plants and Flowers
    One should be able to "craft" Potted Flowers or Potted Plants.

    Breeding Pots
    Fertilized Water

    Craft or buy Breeding pots - Dung should be needed
    Craft or buy Fertilized Water - Energized Fertilizer should be needed
    Collect or buy Mother-Plants​
    Place Motherplant (BluePrint with Attempts) in Crafting Machine (or special device) and add Breeding Pots

    On success the Plant will be level 1 and has a condition. If the condition is lower than wanted (1ped out of 5 Ped tt) one can "repair" the plant with Fertilized Water.

    Crafing skills should be Biology and Botany
    5. Pot your Plant
    Crafted Plants might need a pot. Either for pure decoration or even for each Tier level (which might be more realistic). Also, if a new pot is needed for each Tier level, the old pot might be destroyed thus making a new pot needed (Kind of Limited Pots)
    6. Exsisting Potted Plants
    There are allready some Plants ingame. It would make a good kick-start if those plants could be Tierd-Up without waiting. So if one just "repairs" the Potted Plant to Full tt, one can Tier it up to the next level.
    Also the old plants would not be devaluated and keep their special place in EU.
    This could add some nice depth to the game, it would be noob friedly, open up a new profession, making some skills usefull which are not at the moment AND generate some decay for the Planet Owners.

    What do you think?
  2. MrJoey

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    interesting idea. Makes much more sense when apps also get an overhaul with some more use.

    but i like it