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Fido Pet, level 5, well fed

Discussion in 'Selling' started by DaughterOfAnarchy, May 19, 2016.

  1. DaughterOfAnarchy

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    To moderators: I removed it from the list in the other thread

    WTS this legendary dog.

    Buffs are:
    - reduced criticals (2%) at level 20
    - and incresed animal handling and taming skills (15%) at level 14

    I think 450 PED is a more than fair price for it, and I counted it like that:
    - starting price: 300 PED (lower than any public sale I saw on these forums)
    - price for nutrios which he is fed with now: 75 PED (25 PED TT value * 300% MU)
    - price for leveling him up five levels and nutrios spent during this time: 75 PED

    So, here's the price details:
    SB: 450 PED
    BO: 500 PED
    Increment: 5 PED
    Sale ending 24 hours after SB was matched; sniping time: one hour.

    Special offer:

    (with the mention that this, by no means, something you have to do; you can just buy the pet and walk away with it)

    If you buy the pet from me at buy out and you are interested in leveling it up, I can offer your (for this pet only) my pet walking service FREE OF CHARGE 'till it gets to level 20 and unlocks both buffs.